Here’s The Real Reason Why You Should Avoid Eating Air Plane Food

Here’s The Real Reason Why You Should Avoid Eating Air Plane Food

Most of us have been on an airplane.

It’s a magical thing. You’re literally flying from one end of the country to another and beyond. It’s amazing!

I don’t know about you buy flying is my preferred method of travel!

If I could fly to the supermarket or work, I would! Can you blame me?

I don’t think so! Can you imagine dropping the kids off at school on a plane? They’d soon be the cool kids!

But when you think about it, flying is kind of scary.

I don’t know the ins and outs of flying, so to me, flying is essentially magic!

If you think about it, you’re essentially being flown in the air while trapped in a metal box filled with other people’s farts. Yuck!

The plane is being held up by a mere principle of physics, which has a tendency to make a few people a little queasy.

It’s all just a fun part of flying!

Flying is a very convenient thing, but it can be seriously hard on your body.

The reality is that our bodies weren’t designed to be up in the sky at that altitude.

Our poor old bodies don’t know how to function at that height.

However, now that air travel has become the standard for long-distance travel, we’ve got to learn how to adapt to it.

Thankfully for you, these helpful hacks will help you and your body stay in tip-top condition, as well as survive the plane journey.

There are many horrors when it comes to flying, from turbulence to people having to use those horrid sick bags, and sitting next to someone who smells and hogs your seat and their own.

But often, one of the other worst things about flying is the meals they give you on long flights.

I know it’s not going to taste as good as a home-cooked meal, but even a microwave meal from the gas station would taste better compared to the food they serve you on a plane.

Here are 3 reasons you should avoid eating on your next flight.


1. Shut Down

Humans weren’t designed with flying in mind, so our bodies really aren’t meant to be so high up in the sky.

Our bodies don’t quite know how to cope or even react to the high heights and artificial cabin air pressure.

When we’re in the air, our bodies don’t actually work like they normally would when they’re on the ground.

Melissa Biggs Bradley is the founder of Indagare and explained what happens to your body during a flight to Bloomberg.

“Basically, at superhigh altitude, your digestive system shuts down completely. Someone said to me it’s like being under anesthesia.

“So when you get off the plane, everything restarts and it has so much more work to do.”


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