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We’ve all seen those charts comparing your height to your weight. You’ve got to stay in that golden strip of healthiness, or what is even the point?

Don’t go overweight now, that’s unhealthy! Of course you’ve got to be skinny, but not TOO goddamn skinny, sheesh!

We’ve all been brought up with this, being compared to numbers from an early age. As infants grow up, their development is compared with a chart, which tells everybody whether or not the child is growing at a healthy pace.

It just gets updated a little when we reach adulthood, where our height and weight are measured and compared to each other, to determine if we are underweight, overweight or ‘just right’ like freakin’ Goldilocks or something.

This is how you – or any medical professional – can find out your BMI, or Body Mass Index. But in the past few years we’re starting to hear people saying that BMI isn’t a good way of defining what is healthy, and medical professionals have begun to speak out against these ‘ideal weight charts’.

At the same time, the media has us constantly looking at ourselves and each other in more and more critical ways. When was the last time you saw the front cover of a magazine criticizing a celebrity’s weight? Only every freakin’ day!

Turns out that this negativity can create some serious problems, both for you physically and mentally, but also for everybody socially.

According to the Epidemiology of Eating Disorders, there are about 20 million women in the United States who have been medically diagnosed with an eating disorder. Maybe there are many more who haven’t been diagnosed.

When a person has an eating disorder, it can basically be defined as them heaving an unhealthy relationship with food, whether that’s consistently overeating or consistently undereating.

Medical professionals are now saying that the height and weight charts for men and women are inaccurate when it looks at a person’s height compared to a person’s weight.

The chart doesn’t recognize things such as body fat and muscle mass for example. So a person who is extremely muscular would be registered as obese on the chart! It doesn’t take into account that the majority of their weight is muscle, so according to that thing, Mr Bodybuilder is an overweight lump! Not fair, right?

Also, the chart includes an ‘ideal weight’ for someone at a specific height. Maybe you think that’s fair, but it gets less fair when you consider that the chart separates women into three different ‘frames’ of small, medium and large.

But then it doesn’t describe what a ‘small frame’ is! Surely people come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes, right? So putting everyone into just three general categories is never gonna be accurate!

Factors such as bone structure, metabolism, body fat percentage, activity level, and muscle all play a role in determining weight and health, which the BMI chart ignores.

So that’s why doctors say that these charts create more problems than solutions. It just creates an unnatural perception of your own body, and forms this idea of a ‘perfect body type’, which just doesn’t exist, people!

As we all know already, the media can also seem to be obsessed with everybody being a size zero, no matter if that’s what their body is like or not.

Because we never see the media celebrate weight gain, but instead praise whatever fad diet comes along next, it gets easy to see why people are dealing with eating disorders and forming unhealthy relationships with food.

It’s simple psychology folks, the more we’re told that we can’t have something, the more we want it! So since low carb diets are so popular at the moment, it only leaves people craving more carbs!

It’s the same for any other diet that restricts and cuts out one thing from a person’s diet. So now, doctors are starting to recommend judging one’s health on an individual level rather than based on a stupid general chart that’s meant to cover everyone.

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