Here’s How Ginger Can Help You Shed Those Unwanted Pounds

Here’s How Ginger Can Help You Shed Those Unwanted Pounds

We should all try to look after ourselves a bit better than we currently do.

Going to the gym a bit more, and cutting down on the fast food and sweet treats are all great ways of getting healthier.

After all, how are we suppose to fight off death and live a long and happy life if we can barely manage a flight of stairs without getting out of breath!

Ok, I’m not suggesting that you become a fitness fanatic, so stop panicking.

But what I am saying is, when you reach a certain age, healthy living becomes more and more important.

Trust me, it’s something you won’t regret in the long run!

When it comes to our health, we can sometimes experience certain symptoms and think nothing of it.

Some of us will experience shortness of breath when we walk up a flight of stairs, feel fatigued, and even feel something ‘off’ with our hearts.

Most of the time, people think nothing of it.

However, it’s an actually a warning sign that your body is getting out of shape, and it’s time to think about getting healthy.

Obviously, Christmas has just past, and that means it’s time for us to make those New Year resolutions, like promising to lose weight or quit smoking.

Most of us break these resolutions in the first few weeks of January, but what it really takes is an awful lot of willpower and determination.

I know it’s easier said then done, but if you put your mind to it, then anything is possible!

Obviously, if you’re happy with how you look, then that’s fine.

But if you’re looking to improve your shape or just get healthier then have no fear!

This special ingredient will help you lose those unwanted pounds.

According to recent research and studies, ginger also helps to stimulate gastric emptying and antral contractions.

That means it will support your digestion, helping you to lose weight! Neat, right?

How to use ginger for weight loss?

You can involve ginger into your diet in a number of ways.

You can add it in with some hot water, into a smoothie, even your omelet!

You can add ginger to tea, cakes, muffins, salad dressing or you could just chew a small piece of raw ginger.

However, the best thing would be to consume ginger tea. 

So, for your enjoyment, here are a few ginger tea recipes for you to try.

1. Pure ginger tea

If you just want a ginger tea then all you need is a ½ inch ginger root and 1 cup of water.

You should use a mortar and pestle to crush the ginger root before adding it to a cup of boiling water. Then, you should let it simmer for 2 minutes and then filter the tea into a cup.

2. Ginger and cinnamon tea

If you fancy something with a bit more spice, then try adding cinnamon to your ginger tea. Cinnamon is also a weight loss agent.

To make this tea, all you will need ½ inch crushed ginger root, ¼ teaspoon Ceylon cinnamon powder and a cup of water.

Put some cinnamon powder in a cup of water and leave it overnight. In the morning filter the water and let it boil. After it’s boiled, add the crushed ginger root and keep boiling the water for 2 more minutes. Then strain everything into a teacup.


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