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Cats are utterly adorable creatures.

They’re precious little balls of fluff that you can’t help but fall in love with. But they’re also hellish creatures put on this Earth to torment us.

Have you ever stroked a cat for a second too long and suddenly had a hand covered in scratches? That’s what it’s like to be a cat owner.

It’s a terrible but classic love-hate relationship. You love the cat, and it hates you (sometimes).

Generally, cats can be quiet animals, and they aren’t quite as vocal and expressive as dogs.

Cat owners often find it harder to figure out what their pets want.

But just because your pets aren’t all that vocal, doesn’t mean they don’t love you.

Instead of telling us, cats prefer to show us that they love us.

But they do this in very different ways, and we often mistake it for bad behaviour.

Be sure not to mistaken your cats affection with bad behaviour.

Here are a few of the ways your cats are telling you that they love you.

Believe it or not, cats have their own special ways to say “I love you”… and it’s a way that will seem completely strange to humans.

1. Kneading

Recent studies suggest that cats a kneads you because they’re returning the afection you show them (stroking).

Sadly, they’re not aware that their claws hurt us when they do this.

It’s just a small price to pay for your cats love I suppose.

Cats tend to do this when they are feeling relaxed, contented and loved, and more often than not that’s when they are being petted on their owners’ lap.

2. Dead Animals

I know walking in to find a dead bird or mouse is kind of gross but it’s for a very important reason.

Your cat brought it in for you to eat, but also to teach you how to catch your own prey because they think your a very large, but also rather rubbish cat.

In the wild, a mother cat will teach its young how to eat their food by bringing home dead or injured prey. And that’s exactly what they’re doing here.

You’re its surrogate family and it’s only trying to help!

3. Rubbing

Whenever a cat rubs it’s head against your body, it’s trying to place it’s scent onto you. Your family, and your cats wants everyone with a nose to know it!

This behaviour is known as bunting, and it’s another way for cats to express their affection towards other cats, dogs and it’s owners.

4. Glaring

A cat’s stare can be a little a bit concerning, but don’t worry.

First of all, they’re not actually staring at you. Their eyes are evolved to blink less frequently than ours.

But if they’re giving you a steady, soft gaze that just means they feel safe and comfortable with you.

Even sweeter is that  a slow eye blink from across the room is considered to be a cat kiss.

5. Exposed Belly

If your cat presents it’s belly to you then you should feel honoured.

Cats don’t like to make themselves vulnerable, but by showing you their belly, it’s a sign of unwavering trust.

When a cat throws itself on the ground at your feet and rolls over on to its back with it’s tummy stretched out in front of you, it’s either giving you a greeting or trying to grab your attention. Cats only do this around the people they really love and trust.

6. Cat’s Tail

Your cat’s tail can be a good indicator of their mood.

The higher their tail is, the happier they are. If they’re feeling super happy and affectionate, they’ll even wrap their tail around you.

Most cats tend to see their owner as it’s mother, so whenever they see it’s favorite human, their tails are often up high with a lot of love and respect. 

7. Cat Nibbles

Cat nibbles are often seen as aggressive gestures, but that’s far from the truth.

Cats do the same when they’re grooming their kittens, so it’s likely done with the same affection.

8. Head Butts

As previously mentioned, cats love marking us as their human.

That’s why some cats love running between our legs. It’s to mark us with their scent, but it’s also a form of greeting.

9. Little Purrs

If your cat is purring then it’s happy. It’s one of the most common ways your cat shows affection.

A cat purring is the same as a human smiling. 

10. Following You

I understand it’s annoying when the cat follows you everywhere, but it’s just a sign that they love you and want to be with you.

You should take it as a compliment. It’s a sign that your cat enjoys your company and wants to spend as much time with you as possible.

11. Meows

If your cat lets out an adorable little meow, it’s basically their sweet way of saying hello.

The next time your cat meows at you, it’s a good idea to acknowledge the meow with a smile. Hell, even say hello back! Special bonding moments like these can’t hurt anyone!

This is usually the best time for all cat parents out there because they often accompany this precious meow with a head nudge or two. One of those special bonding moments.

12. Cat Leap

Seeing your cat suddenly leap is always a little strange, but it’s also funny.

But don’t worry, your cat is just feeling a little hyper and is letting off some steam to tire themselves out.

13. Howling

If you hear your cat start to yowl or howl this means they are in some sort of distress. If you ever hear this, it’s always best to go and check on them. 

14. Open

If your cat is leaving it’s poop uncovered in the litter box, then it may be a sign that it doesn’t like it’s litter, or worse… Your cat could be upset with you!

Try changing the litter to a different bland, or if it’s the same brand you’ve always used, try sucking up to the cat by buying it treats.

That should help you get in their good books again!

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