Here’s What The Cast of Matilda Are Up To Now

Here’s What The Cast of Matilda Are Up To Now

Ask most 90s kids their favorite childhood movie, and you can guarantee Matilda will be at the top of their list.

It’s hard to believe the movie was first released an incredible 21 years ago, which is bound to make you more aware of those wrinkles on your face.

Have you wondered what has happened to Mara Wilson and all the cast? If so, find out exactly what they are up to nowadays. There might be more than a few surprises in store.

Mrs Trunchbull (Pam Ferris)

Mrs Trunchbull struck fear into the heart of every child back in the late 90s, with many children fearing the day they would meet a teacher just like her. While we personally wouldn’t mind eating a giant chocolate cake, we draw the line at being swung around by our pigtails.

So, what is the Welsh actress who played Mrs Trunchbull, Pam Ferris, up to now? Well, in reality, Pam isn’t as harsh as the fictional character.

Despite claiming Mrs Trunchbull is her favorite role to date, Pam has gone on to star in various successful movies throughout her extensive career.

You may recognize her as Aunt Marge, another despicable character, in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban or as Miriam in Children of Men.

Lavender (Kiami Davael)

Newt-lover Lavender was Matilda’s strange but best friend, and often the only support system Matilda had outside of the home.

After completing Matilda, actress Kiami Davael starred in various TV shows until the early 2000s, such as a Moesha, In the House, and The Steve Harvey Show. However, it appears Kiami has turned her back on the spotlight, as she gained a psychology degree at the University of Kentucky in 2008.

Miss Honey

Miss Honey was the kindhearted soul who selflessly rescued Matilda from her neglectful parents, but what happened to the actress who played her?

Well, Embeth Davidtz has gone on to enjoy an exciting career outside of the hit movie based on the classic Roald Dahl tale.

She is currently starring in the Showtime TV drama Ray Donovan, played Mary Parker in The Amazing Spiderman 2 and had a reoccurring role as Rebecca Price in Mad Men.

Bruce Bogtrotter (Jimmy Karz)

Who can forget the iconic character of Bruce Bogtrotter? Yet, you might struggle to recognize actor Jimmy Karz nowadays.

He has enjoyed a rather impressive transformation since his childhood, as he looks as though he has definitely cut out the chocolate cake.

Despite starring in various TV series and movies after Matilda, such as ER and The Wedding Singer, Jimmy now favors health over Hollywood, as he has gained a degree in Osteopathic Medicine at Philadelphia College.

Mr. Wormwood (Danny Devito)

Danny DeVito gave car dealers across the world a bad name when he played Harry Wormwood, Matilda’s dad, who was a villainous salesman.

Not only was he a poor businessman, but he was a worse father. Parents and children felt a surge of anger when he said to his daughter, “I’m smart, you’re dumb”.

Thankfully, Danny DeVito is the polar opposite of his deceptive character. While he might be small in size, he makes up for it in big movies and even bigger characters, as he has enjoyed a fantastic career before and after Matilda.

Fans will remember for him for iconic roles such as One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and as the voice of The Lorax in the animated movie of the same name.

Mrs Wormwood (Rhea Pearlman)

One thing Matilda was definitely missing before she came across Miss Honey was motherly love, as she definitely would never has found it from her Mom, Mrs Wormwood.

Prior to Matilda, everyone knew Rhea Pearlman’s name after starring in the hit TV show Cheers, which led her joining the Danny DeVito directed movie that 90s children and their parents will remember fondly.

Rhea’s success continued long after the reels stopped rolling Matilda at cinemas across the world, as she has appeared in an endless array of movies and TV shows, such as Mad About You, Frasier, Hung and, most recently, The Mindy Project.

Matilda Wormwood (Mara Wilson)

Back in 1996, Mara Wilson was the world’s childhood sweetheart, starring in movies such as Mrs Doubtfire and Miracle on 34th Street.

In fact, you couldn’t go to the movies back in the 1990s without seeing Mara Wilson’s face on the screen. Yet, the talented actress soon got over the acting bug to opt for the normal life she had rarely experienced.

After enjoying time away from the spotlight, Mara has returned to the silver screen in various short movies and most recently voiced the character of Jill Pill in the TV series BoJack Horseman.

You also might feel your age when you learn the much-loved child star is now 30 years old, and you can read her book on the ups and downs of child acting.

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