He Accidentally Facetimes His Girlfriend... But What She Sees In His Bedroom Has Her In Tears. This Is OUTRAGEOUS! - Aunty Acid Buzz

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I am not a big fan of Face time, I mean I don’t want people to actually see me when they talk to me, especially when the call is unexpected and I’m not looking my best.

Most of the time, I’ve just got out out of bed and look like a walking zombie – I almost always hit the decline button!

THIS guy knew his girlfriend would hit accept when he face timed her in the morning, but I bet she totally wished she hit decline…you won’t believe what he did.

He went to New York City with his guy friends and posted photos of himself with other women on Facebook the night before, and to say it how it is, his girlfriend was FURIOUS!

The next morning, he accidentally called her on Face Time when he was in bed, and as she was SO mad, she wanted to speak to him about his antics with the other women she saw on the photos.

He is lay in bed, and says “shoot I didn’t mean to call you”, she looks pretty confused…and then she sees something in the corner of the screen…

You won’t believe what it is.

A curly haired mop of hair is moving next to him on the pillow, and she immediately spots it. He tries to lift his arm to disguise the figure, but it’s too late…

Her reaction is OUTRAGEOUS! And who can blame her, I mean if I caught my husband in bed with another woman, I would go crazy! He gets caught out big time and she certainly gives him a mouthful of explicit words!

What she doesn’t know, however, is that he also has another surprise for her, yes, just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, it does!

You have got to watch the video to find out what happens…it is shocking! I would certainly kick hiss ass out after this!

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