Harry Potter Themed Lingerie Available Now!

Harry Potter Themed Lingerie Available Now!

Whatever you think of Harry Potter, you have to agree that it’s been a good thing for kids all over the world for years now.

The creation of a convincing magical world that it’s fans can live inside of just as much as the characters is really amazing! Plus the fact that for decades now, the series of novels by J.K. Rowling have gotten children into reading.

We all know that Harry Potter fans have grown up with the books. They were a part of childhood, they were there throughout everyone’s teenage years… and now a lot of original fans are adults.

Let’s face it, if you were a 10 year old child when the first book debuted in 1997, then you’re all grown up and 30 years old now.

So some people have really gotten into the magical spirit when it comes to bedroom fantasies… and even incorporated some of J.K. Rowling’s beloved creations into sexy time.

That’s right, Harry Potter fantasies are pretty common! And some underwear makers have jumped on the bandwagon, starting to make their own wizard-based… well, let’s be honest here, it’s much more witchy… sets of lingerie.

This Hogwarts-inspired ‘magical student fantasy uniform’ might not exactly be official merchandise. It doesn’t have the Harry Potter name or logo anywhere on it, and you definitely can’t buy it anywhere in the gift shop if you take the Universal Studios tour… but we all know what they’re getting at here, right?

It comes in Gryffindor colors and comes complete with braces, fake collar and tie. Glasses and wand are not included, so you’ll have to provide your own ‘props’.

This isn’t the first time that this brand have brought out a range of movie-inspired underwear either! You might remember their Disney Princess lingerie line, that proved so popular it sold after just 72 hours after its initial launch.

Harry Potter fans aren’t the only fandoms catered to by the new designs either! Comic book fans rejoice, as you can play out your Wonder Woman fantasies with this “Vintage Amazonian Fantasy Lingerie Costume”!

Sure, they can’t call it Wonder Woman due to licensing, but… it really freakin’ looks like Wonder Woman!

That’s not all either, as all fans of the Batman comics, cartoons, movies, videogames and coffee mugs will surely recognise this sultry character.

It’s one of the Caped Crusader’s most arch of arch nemesis, Poison Ivy! Well… ‘Venomous Ivy’ anyway! Check it out!

Wig, vines, and thigh high stockings aren’t included, so if you’re not a redhead and you want to be a real life Poison Ivy… whoops, we mean ‘Venomous Ivy’, of course… you’re gonna need some hair dye!

What do you think of these costumes? A fantasy come true, or is it all a little weird for you? Would you dress up like a fictional character for your man, or will you stick to the whips and chains thank you very much?

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