This Is What Happens When You Eat Celery Every Day For A Week – I Had No Idea.

This Is What Happens When You Eat Celery Every Day For A Week – I Had No Idea.

Celery; it’s a little like marmite in the sense that you either love it or you hate it. But I’m going to give you some reasons to LOVE it.


Before we go in to the so many other health benefits from swapping out snack foods for celery, we have compiled a list of foods that are super healthy and will help anybody lose weight and feel good.

Firstly we have fruits, now everybody knows that fruit is good for you, but certain fruits are super healthy and are advised to be eaten often and substitute any snacks wherever possible for a better diet.

Oranges are really good for you, this is mainly due to the vitamin C content in them. They are also high in both antioxidants and fibre. All of this and they taste great. Why would you choose a Kit Kat over an orange?

Bananas are also a brilliant food for your body. They are also very convenient, filling and portable. They are one of the best sources of potassium around and also contain plenty of fibre.

Moving away from fruit¬†and on to nuts. Nuts are really good for you despite their beautiful taste. Peanuts for example are high in nutrients as well as antioxidants and have been known to help people lose weight. However do not get this confused with peanut butter, which isn’t too good for you.

Vegetables are another given, everybody knows that they are healthy. However one of the most overlooked but delicious and nutritious vegetables is broccoli. It contains both vitamins K and C, fibre and a good amount of protein compared to other veg.

If your struggling for healthy options for your evening meal, have salmon. It is unbelievable tasty as well as being packed with nutrients. It contains vitamin D, Omega 3 and plenty of protein. Try it with some steamed veg for a healthy but lovely dinner.

Another option is tuna. Tuna can be eaten for lunch or dinner, contains plenty of protein and next to no calories. It is delicious in a salad or on a jacket potato.

Eggs are another option for you. They are packed with protein and also carry a very small calorific value. Eggs can be enjoyed as part of a salad or poached.

In terms of meats, your best bet is either lamb, lean beef or chicken breast. Chicken breasts are very low in fat and calories but contain plenty of protein and other nutrients. So if in doubt, have some chicken.

Now, lets get to the benefits of including celery into your diet.

When you go to a party and there is an all you can eat buffet, you always see the untouched celery sitting next to the hummus and carrot sticks. I mean, who is going to chomp on celery when there are sandwiches and chicken wings up for grabs, right?

Well next time I go to a party and see celery sticks, I will be crazy not to put a handful on my plate, and when you find out why – you will totally agree with me!

So when I read this, I totally wanted to give it a try. I recently found out that celery can in fact whiten your eyes, making them look brighter, tighter and much more youthful. As I’m getting a little older now, I’ll try pretty much anything it it means I will look a little younger…and I’m not kidding, this totally worked – and heres how.

Vitamin A

Celery is jam packed full of vitamin A and just one large stalk of celery can deliver up to 10 percent of your daily need for Vitamin A. This is the group of nutrients that protects the eyes and prevents age-related degeneration of vision.


Via Google/brighteyes

Studies show that eating celery every day will in fact give you whiter, brighter eye and even accelerate your vision!

So why not give it a go? Celery also has lots more health benefits you probably aren’t aware of too..

For example, Celery can help with bloating, it can reduce blood pressure and detox your whole body. Not only that but it is seriously low in calories with just 10 per stick!

I don’t know about you but the thought of just two stalks reducing your cholesterol by up to 7% is making me think about changing my ways.

Celery is basically the food version of water, and everybody knows how good water is for you in every way imaginable. Helping your digestive system is just one of many advantages of including celery into your diet.

Having high or heightened blood pressure can be very dangerous so the fact that by just eating celery in your diet can help bring this down is something very useful to know.

20/20 Vision is something we could only dream about, until now! Its simple, just eat more celery and your eye health would never be at risk.

PERFECT! This is probably the main reason as to why people eat healthy foods. It is all about weight loss. So the fact that celery is proven to keep you fuller for longer due to its water content, meaning you binge less on fattier foods is ideal.

Celery even makes you more mobile. Sports people and athletes eat plenty of celery to give them energy and help with water retention.

Nobody enjoys being stressed. Is there anything that celery doesn’t do? If your having a bad day, just get a couple of celery sticks down you and it will all be fine. It will also help you sleep at night!

It is so important to have regular PH levels in order to avoid acidic build up. A couple of sticks a day can ensure this along side a nutritional balance diet.

Well then. Just when you thought you had heard it all. This green stick of pleasure will also improve your love life. Get yourself to the grocery store immediately!

We hear a lot in the press about what helps fight cancer and what you should stop doing in order to reduce the risk of cancer. But celery is one proven food which does delay the risk. So introduce it into your own diet and your families diet as soon as possible.

So if you are choosing to only eat celery because of the healthy benefits it brings and you are not actually too keen on the flavour, then buy it lighter.

This is one way to make celery. Another effective way to bring it in to your diet is to blend it down into a juice.

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