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The bond between siblings is very strong.

Anyone who has a sister or a brother knows that if anything happened, or if anyone tried to mess with them, that you’d be there in a heart beat.

No one messes with family, am I right?

So what would you do if you found out your sibling had their phone stolen, and you were actually texting the person who stole it?

It’s true that pickpockets aren’t the smartest people in the world, but it looks like this idiot picked the wrong pocket.

Anyone who has ever lost anything or has has anything of importance stolen (a wallet or phone) can tell you how unfortunate that situation is.

After all, the item taken is often very important, and hard to replace.

If I had something stolen, I’d do whatever I could to try and get it back, but at the same time, I’d also be quite angry about it too!

I’d be furious. If I had the opportunity to troll the thief, I’d happily take it with both hands!

That’s exactly what this infuriated brother did when he was texted by his sister’s iPhone thief!

After stealing her iPhone and ID cards, the thief had the nerve to text her brother asking for her iPhone’s passcode. 

The cheeky swine!

The dramatic exchange between the girl’s brother and the thief was posted on the photo recently, and it wasn’t long before it went viral!

‘My little sister who is going to be a senior worked hard all summer to buy an iPhone, only to have it stolen (or fall out, she is still not entirely sure) out of her boyfriend’s car a week ago,” her brother wrote. ”She had not activated the find my iPhone app so we reported it stolen but [we] were pretty sure someone [had just been] gifted a free iPhone courtesy of my sister’s summer wages. On top of that, she had also bought a wallet case and lost all her ID’s and cards as well.’

Yesterday I [got] this text from a strange number. I [gave] my sister a quick call to make sure it [was] not her and effectively [realized that] someone [was] fishing through her contacts or documents to get her password.”

Just like any true legend, her brother began to mess with the thief. It’s certainly something non of us have ever seen before.

The girl’s brother began his text exchange with the thief by feigning helpfulness.

He quickly managed to lull them into a false sense of security before fabricating an elaborate story to fool and confuse the thief.

This story now had a villain.

The mysterious (and some what murderous) boss who, by the sound of these texts, would be very upset if he discovered that the iPhone’s password had been forgotten. Very upset indeed.

I’m surprised how long it took the thief to cotton onto the fact that he wasn’t texting your Average Joe.

However, the girl’s brother stuck with his story line, in the hopes that he’d have as much fun with the thief as he possibly could.

He deserved to get frightened.

Like the old saying goes, Karma’s a b****.

Unsure how to react, it wasn’t long before the thief decided that it was time for him to bail. Messing with ‘criminals’ was more than an iPhone password was worth.

However, the girl’s brother continued to do everything in his power to terrify the thief, unaware that he was about to right his wrong with his very elaborate story.

This guy has become my hero!

If I had been the thief, I would have binned the iPhone and run as far away as possible. 

The thief tried to call the brother’s bluff, but, once again, he stuck to his story.

His continuous and unflinching replies simply made his story seem more convincing to the thief.

The girl’s brother simply built up suspense with his next few texts.

After all, all the thief knew was that he was texting some serious criminals, and the girl’s brother was in a sticky situation himself. The thief clearly couldn’t help himself from replying. What an idiot!

It’s hard to tell from a simple ”really” whether or not the thief believed the girl’s brother. 

Surprisingly, this epic trolling resulted in his sister’s belongings being returned to him. Something the brother never expected to happen when he began trolling the iPhone thief.

It just goes to show how easy it is to outsmart a pickpocket.

The girl’s brother couldn’t believe what his trolling resulted in.

He ended his post by proudly writing, ”I have peaked!”

What an incredible story!

I can’t believe how easy it was for him to outsmart a rather dumb criminal! It’s pretty incredible.

If you had the chance to do something like this, would you?

Let us know what you would do in the COMMENTS! I love hearing what you have to say!

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