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We all have different concepts of what the perfect body is. For some people, it would be dropping a few pounds and feeling healthier.

Other people feel the need to go under the knife to accentuate certain parts of their body. For others, maybe gaining weight or muscle is their goal.

After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What you find attractive about someone, the next person might not be a positive for somebody else. And what you like about your body, maybe another person wouldn’t. That’s the way of the world.

But have you ever thought how different nationalities would think about the perfect body?

The gene pool around the world can be so varied, that it turns out there are a bunch of differences about what people think of as beautiful.

That’s why a UK-based online doctor recently asked a group of graphic designers from all over the world with mad Photoshop skills to alter his body digitally!

So then it would be, in the designer’s opinion, more attractive to people from each of their countries.

It’s an interesting experiment! So take a look at the photoshopped photos below, and find out what each country’s take on the male body is!

1. Original

Here’s the original photo. He’s about an average looking guy I’d say, and you know he’s healthy because he’s a doctor!

2. Australia

In Australia, he would be considered more attractive with slimmer features and a paler complexion. The designer has also taken some weight from his midsection, but overall it’s pretty close to the original!

3. Bangladesh

Now we’re starting to see some real differences, with a slimmer body overall, a very different skin tone and much larger and more accentuated facial features. I like the new shorts he’s been given for his trip to Bangladesh!

4. China

A totally different haircut which is obviously the cool thing in China at the moment is almost the least obvious change! Here the model looks more chiseled overall and has been made to seem a lot taller!

4. Colombia

The Colombian designer has slimmed him down a touch, and given the model a different eye color, but overall he looks pretty similar to the original!

5. Egypt 

Wow, I guess they like to hit the gym in Egypt! Check out the 8-pack that the Egyptian designer has given our model! That almost looks like a completely different body, and overall a completely different person!

6. Indonesia

There’s not that much of a change in Indonesia! Has the designer slimmed the model’s waist down a little? That’s about it!

7. Nigeria

It’s definitely the change in the face and the head that’s the most striking about the Nigerian version of the model!

8. Pakistan

The Pakistani version of our model has obviously been hitting the weights, look at those arms! Has he been made less hairy too?

9. Philippines

The model has been made much slimmer overall here, and he’s been given another set of rippling stomach muscles! I guess there are some very fitness based cultures in the world!

10. Portugal

Another big difference in the face this time, plus I feel like his whole body has been flattened somehow? I guess the designer was trying to make him look thinner!

11. Russia

This one is actually kind of hilarious, look at that hair style! Does anyone really look like this, with short muscular arms, long legs, a muscly chest but a normal abdomen?

12. South Africa

Is it just me or has the South African designer just put our guy’s face and hands on a completely different model?

13. Spain

The Spanish designer has slimmed down the guy’s face and midsection, which seems to be a popular choice!

14. United Kingdom

He has been made to look way different in the doctor’s real home of the UK. His jawline has been slimmed down a lot, as has the rest of his body and especially his arms!

15. United States

Another completely different look including a new haircut for the model’s visit to the USA! It’s amazing how different he has been made!

What do you think of the changes? Do you think everybody is beautiful just the way they are, or do you think a change is sometimes good? Let us know with a COMMENT and don’t forget to SHARE this article!