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Cats are adorable.

There, I said it.

Many of you may be dog lovers, but personally, I’m a cat lover.

In my spare time I just love to drink wine while watching hilarious cat videos.

It’s the best way to waste some time because you get to look at some pretty adorable kittens and cats.

Who wouldn’t want to do that?! -If you said that you wouldn’t, then I’m secretly judging you…

It’s obviously true that cats have their own twisted logic.

The best example of this is when my cat decided to wake me up by walking all over me continuously for ten minutes.

If that’s how cats show affection, then I think my cat is definitely in love with me.

Cats can be pretty quiet, and they aren’t quite as expressive as dogs when it comes to letting their owners know how they feel about them.

Still, that doesn’t mean they don’t love you.

Cats have to be the cutest animals in the world, I mean, have you seen them?

They’re so cute.

Just look at their adorable jelly beans (paws)!

Cats have their own special ways to say “I love you”… and often in the strangest ways possible.

But cat lovers understand this is just a part of their charm.

It’s true that cats are very weird creatures, but their owners are even weirder and can (sometimes) be just as adorable.

Don’t believe me? Then take a look at this adorable cat lover who went out of his way to look after some stray kittens after his wife said no.

He’s a rule breaker… I like him already!

I’d like you all to meet Jimmy.

Honestly, I think he’s the nicest old man I’ve ever heard about!

Jimmy is a kind old man with an adorable secret.


Jimmy, 85, who  lives in Puerto Rico with his wife, has just adopted a bunch of stray kittens.

Their neighborhood is home to a large number of stray cats.

But unfortunately, Jimmy and hi wife have never really seen eye-to-eye about how warmly to welcome them.

Jimmy’s preferred approach is to be hospitable while his wife, on the other hand, hasn’t wanted them around the house at all.

That’s how this touching story came to be.

Prepare yourself for a heart warming story.

Jimmy’s granddaughter, Syl, told The Dodo:

“My grandpa felt for the stray cats and would leave food in the back of the house near his tool shed, a spot where my grandma doesn’t go.

“This particular cat was especially friendly and got attached to my grandpa.”

But as it turns out this especially friendly cat was pregnant.

This meant that Jimmy was pulled in even deeper undercover.

Syl shared the touching story on Twitter: ‘My grandpa let a stray cat have her kittens in his tool shed and now he’s raising a bunch of cats behind my grandmas back bc she said no.’

Apparently, Jimmy’s wife wasn’t in favor of taking in the expectant mom cat and her soon-to-be-born babies, but he went ahead and made sure they had a place to stay inside his shed regardless of what his wife said.

After the kittens were born, Jimmy didn’t regret his decision to keep the stray mom cat and her new little of adorable kittens.

Thankfully, his wife remained blissfully unaware they were even there in his shed.

It wasn’t long before Syl found out about his secret operation, and it certainly didn’t come as a shock to her.

“My grandpa is really kind and has always loved animals.

“So it’s not really that surprising.”

It’s safe to say that the mama cat, safely kept and well fed behind the scenes, certainly appreciates his help with raising her babies.

Despite his best efforts, Jimmy wasn’t able to keep his hidden cat family a secret from his wife forever.

Three weeks after the kittens were born, she found out.

While she wasn’t thrilled to learn that her husband had transformed their place into a cat nursery without her knowledge, Jimmy’s wife suddenly became much more understanding of their difficult situation.

Syl said:

“She’s okay with them staying there until they’re old enough to have new homes.” 

But her change of heart is understanding. Let’s be honest, cuddly kitten faces do have a funny way of changing and certainly softening people’s hearts.

While we may never know if Jimmy had planned this outcome all along, it seems to have worked regardless.

It would appear that Jimmy is a man who needs no instruction when it comes to winning people over., and his wife, no doubt, agrees!

What would you do if you found out your partner was looking after a pregnant stray in their shed?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the COMMENTS!

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Everyone loves a good underdog (or in this case undercat) story!