These Girls Hilariously Show The Difference Between Profile And Tagged Photos

These Girls Hilariously Show The Difference Between Profile And Tagged Photos

We all know the deal with social media by now. Nobody is ever the same in real life than they are on their social media profiles.

All of those perfect parenting memes they share, and self important quotes? They’re just as flawed as the rest of us.

The clean-living folks who only eat lentils and freakin’ goji berries? They’re down at the burger place at the weekend just like everybody else.

And mostly, nobody ever, EVER looks like they do in their profile picture. That thing has taken months of attempts, weeks of selection and days of photoshopping to get just right.

But you can’t hide from those photos that your friends tag you in. Those are the REAL you, baby!

So when the challenge was laid down to take a profile worthy picture followed by the worst picture possible, these girls responded hilariously! They’re awesome!

1. Polka dots girl just became polka derps girl

Untag yourself in that second photo, don’t break the illusion

2. From “Why hello there!” to “Whyyyy?”

The first is a Tinder profile contender… the second is a freakin’ wanted poster.

3. Forget that beautiful jawline when she reveals her true form!

At least the lipstick and eyelashes are still looking on point!

4. Isn’t this always the way?

Somebody takes your photo, and you hold still and smile for the longest time… but the version that ends up on social media is where you sneezed explosively!

5. You’ll want your classmates to remember you in years to come in your high school yearbook

Hopefully as the girl with the movie star looks, not the girl with the… erm… ‘looks’. If this is acting headshots however, well it’s great to have some range!

6. There’s only so much time in the day where you can look sexy and attractive

This is like when you first did your make up in the morning versus getting home from work in the evening, right?

7. The first picture you send your partner compared to the 1000th

After a while, stupid faces are the only funny jokes you’ve got left!

8. Did the gravity in the room change or something?

It’s like a black hole opened under her chin and turned her into a zombie!

9. You’ve got to find the most flattering angles to take selfies from, so you can get them just right

Otherwise, disaster could strike!

10. Yeah, that’s certainly a look you’ve gotten yourself there

Why do those tagged photos capture you doing the weirdest, most embarrassing things?

11. Hey, this girl got off pretty lightly compared to some others

You would still speed up if you saw her in the park at night pulling this face though!

12. How freakin’ fast was this car going?

That’s a heck of a kick of acceleration!

13. Wait, is this even the same person?

The girl on the right looks like her evil twin that her family keep in the attic, and only let her down on her birthday.

14. From cutest girl in class to most likely to be committed to a psychiatric ward in the blink of an eye!

I pulled that exact same face the last time I stepped on a Lego!

15. Do I have something in my teeth?

Well actually you’ve got a… never mind.

16. Don’t you hate it when your friends tag you in the most embarrassing photos?

It’s times like these I wish I had my profile set to private!

17. This girl has really nailed her profile picture, but we all know that doesn’t tell the full story

No thanks, grandma! I have reason to believe you’re the big bad wolf in disguise, and the disguise is not all that great!

18. Yeah, I was pretty angry when I found out my face was made of dough too

I’ll admit, it’s not your most flattering angle.

19. Jeez lady, that’s the worst photo you could possibly take of yourself?

That’s about a million times better than my best ever selfie, I’ve really got to up my game!

20. She went from ‘wow’ to ‘holy cow’

It’s like she’s listening to your boring story on a date, and then when your back is turned she pulls this face!

21. If this isn’t the girl with the rubber face I don’t know who is!

She looks like a thumb for crying out loud! Funniest transformation yet!

If you’re really feeling that brave, you could always sned us some of your funniest selfies, compared to your profile photo. If you’re not feeling up to that, don’t worry! We’d still love to hear from you about which of thses girls is your favorite with a COMMENT! And of course don’t forget to SHARE with your friends and family, and encourage them to give this article a LIKE!