This Furious Father Caught His Kids' Babysitter Sleeping On The Job, Then Taught Her A Lesson She Will Never Forget - Aunty Acid Buzz

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Babysitting is typically the kind of job that your 14 year old niece does during her summer vacation.

But when you’re on the other side of the fence, as a parent, having somebody responsible looking after your kids while you take a well-earned night off is invaluable.

That’s what Christopher and his wife thought hired a babysitter to care for their children whilst they were at work. They brought in the services of a 35-year-old babysitter named Sarah, thinking that she would be able to take on the task of looking after their two small children.

The arrangement ensured that the kids received all the that care they needed without their parents having to take time off work to do so.

But that’s where the story begins, after both Christopher and his wife left for work on a normal morning.

After leaving for work one day, Christopher realised that he had forgotten something, so he quickly rushed back to the house to collect them. Upon entering his house, that the babysitter he and his wife were paying to look after their children, was fast asleep on the sofa.

Now, we have all made mistakes in our lives, it’s just a part of being human. But sometimes an innocent mistake can cause serious problems. Christopher decided that the babysitter he had employed should learn that the hard way when she fell asleep whilst on the job.

So, naturally, he did what any… erm… rational father would do. He abducted his own children to teach her a lesson, of course!

Wait, what?

Controversially, the father of the children she was caring for decided to teach her a lesson she’d never forget.

He was pretty meticulous about things, too!

Firstly, he took photographs and a video of the babysitter asleep on the sofa, as evidence that what he said had happened actually happened.

Now you may not agree with the methods he used, but it turned out that it was a surprisingly effective tactic, and told the parents a whole lot more than even they already knew about the lax babysitter.

A whole 2 HOURS after taking the children, Christopher began to receive a series of frantic calls from the babysitter, who had awoken to discover the children that she was supposed to be caring for missing from their house.

Rather than answer the call, Christopher kept the conversation to text message. A panicked Sarah desperately tried to call Christopher to explain the situation, but she cannot get an answer. Instead, Christopher just responded angrily via text message. To the babysitter’s horror, the conversation is about to take a bizarre turn…

She’s obviously trying to locate the children and confused as to why their dad seems not to be answering his phone despite being told about about the seriousness of the situation.

It was all part of Christopher’s plan however, as he pressed ahead with the ruse even further.

Now he demands that the police are involved, as you would if there were the lives of missing children at stake. But he knew that the children were safe. Why was he doing all this? Just to prove a point. Sarah was about to find out.

In the next text messages, Christopher finally reveals what has been going on all along. The babysitter Sarah must have thought she was about to wake up again from a nightmare any moment!

He was being serious about these threats, too. Christopher did press charges against Sarah on the grounds of negligence whilst caring for his children. However, he was advised he could not press any charges. So, instead he took to Facebook to bring his story to the attention of other parents in the local area. But it instead has received worldwide attention, quickly and went viral, with people coming down on either side.

The post blew up online, with people giving mixed reviews on the stunt. Many were angry at Christopher’s handling of the situation, believing that it was needlessly cruel, wasted police time, and could’ve been approached much differently. Others have applauded the father’s actions.

Controversy meant that the post was eventually taken down by Facebook, as the documents published revealed Sarah’s full name. However, Christopher kept re-posting it, saying that he wanted to ensure his message was heard loud and clear.

Despite the backlash that his post received online, Christopher has remained adamant that he has done the right thing. Sarah, meanwhile, has stayed quiet for her part of the incident. Has she learned her lesson?

So what do you think of the whole situation? Did this dad do the right thing in abducting his kids? Or should he have woken Sarah up and explained that it was unacceptable that she had fallen asleep?

I mean, what other job can you be fired from on the spot for one mistake? But then again, when the welfare of children is involved, can you ever be too careful?

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