The Five Major Differences Between These Well Know Products

The Five Major Differences Between These Well Know Products

We’re incredibly lucky to live in a world where we have so much choice.

We have the choice to wear what we want to wear, do what we want to do. Though sometimes the latter doesn’t always feel like a choice.

The choice is yours, and most of us simply love having this luxury in our lives.

I know I love having the choice between red or white wine, or white chocolate or dark chocolate! It’s pretty amazing!

When you think about it, one of the things that set us apart from another person is the choices we make.

Whether it’s different choices in fashion, television shows, style, food, or even our makeup, each of us has our own individual tastes and quirks.

That’s what makes us, us!

When we make a choice, we’re choosing between two or more options, all of which are different in one way or another.

For example, do you order take out or do you cook a healthy meal at home?

The first choice is different because it will probably cost you more money, probably be unhealthier, but doesn’t involve you having to cook for yourself!

The second choice is different because it’s probably a lot cheaper than ordering take out, it’ll be cooked before you take out would have arrived, and it’s much healthier.

As I said, every option has its differences, this is something we acknowledge.

But, while we know there are differences in options, we often ignore the differences between options, especially when those differences are to do with products.

Can anyone really tell me the difference between a pair of jeans from Target and a pair of jeans from Walmart?

I know I couldn’t be able to tell you about the difference between the two!

One of the biggest unknown differences is between food brands.

Some people prefer Burger King, while others prefer McDonald’s. But do you really know the difference between these two brands?

I don’t think many of you will know the difference.

Well, luckily for you, I’ve recently discovered the difference between some of your favorite food brands!

Some of the differences are so simple, you won’t believe it!

One. Lipton Ice Tea Or Nestea

In essence, both of these drinks are sweetened lemon teas. They’re incredibly similar.

Lipton Ice Tea and Nestea, are both made from concentrated tea, water, and sugar or sweeteners.

But according to the nutrition facts from each brand of sweet tea (both are available through Google), different flavorings are used. 

According to the nutrition facts, Nestea uses all natural flavorings for its sweet tea, whereas Lipton just uses nature-identical sweeteners.

So, it’s not that much of a big difference between these two brands!

But, according to, Nestle and Coca-Cola will end their 16-year investment in the iced tea business. This means that Nestea is set to close down their production in most countries around the world in 2018.

Two. Coca-Cola Or Pepsi

This has been a long debated, and rather heated subject for decades.

A lot of people have a firm favorite when it comes to soft drinks. They either love Coca-Cola or they’re a diehard Pepsi fan.

Asking a Coca-Cola fan if they’re ok drinking Pepsi instead could start a war.

But I’ve always wondered what’s the difference between these two soft drinks? They both taste the same to me!

It’s true that these two products are regularly used to replace one another, these drinks are only mildly different from one another! 


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