Firefighters Share The Most Outrageous Things That Have Happened To Them On The Job

Firefighters Share The Most Outrageous Things That Have Happened To Them On The Job

We all know what a tough job being a firefighter must be. Wait, that me start that again… most of us have no idea about what a tough job being a firefighter must be.

But we’re sure as heck appreciative that they do the job they do every single day!

They risk their lives just going to work, and most of us can only imagine how hot and scary it is kicking the door down to a burning building, not knowing what you’ll find in there.

But like any job, it has it’s lighter moments! So we turn to firefighters to find out the craziest and funniest true stories that really happened to them!


“My former art teacher used to work in the forest service, and would tell us stories about wild stuff that happened. This was his best story.

He was with other firefighters out in the middle of nowhere in Arizona, fighting a forest fire. There wasn’t any real danger to civilians because of how remote this location was. As they worked their way through the brush, in the distance they saw a figure, a brightly-colored figure walking calmly through the forest. As they squinted and started to walk towards the figure, they started to make out his painted face, with a red ball on his nose, and they realized he was a clown. This is in the middle of nowhere, with no camp grounds, no houses for miles. He had nothing on him (at least nothing visible, and no survival bag). He was just walking alone in the middle of the forest.

When they started to get closer, still fighting through the brush, the clown saw he was being followed and disappeared into the trees. As far as my art teacher knew, he was never seen again.”


“I just started working as a volunteer firefighter, and yesterday I got my first call, an active house fire. As we arrived on scene, I had my mask on and my air tank at the ready, heroic thoughts running through my head. Without even looking at the house, I hop out, attach my air tank, and rush towards the door. As I do, my buddy shouts, “Take that stuff off, you look ridiculous.” I turn around and see that my fire chief is rolling on the ground, crying from laughter. It was a tiny fire in the grease pan in the middle of the kitchen. The other firefighters haven’t stopped joking about it.”


“Our fire station got a call at 11:30pm from a woman about 3 kilometres away who said her house was on fire. We rolled out immediately, piling into the firetruck, with 10 more of us in our crew van. When we got there, there was no fire. Instead, the woman told us her dog was trapped under its doghouse. She admitted she had said her house was on fire because she didn’t think we would come for the dog! Of course we would have…”


“I’m part of a volunteer fire department out in the boonies. You bet we get some weird calls! Sure, we have all had the cat stuck in a tree, but have you ever had a dog’s head stuck in a hole in a tree? A very large woman stuck in the mud? Parachuters stuck in a tree? Someone stuck on a toilet? A lot of folks gettin’ stuck these days!”


“I am a former firefighter and we had no shortage of ridiculous calls. One was from an elderly man, who called us to check out his house for a strange smell in the middle of the night. We show up and walk in and see the problem right away. This dude had strands of garlic cloves hanging from every square inch of ceiling space he had in the kitchen and dining room. Like a ridiculous amount of garlic.”


“I’m a volunteer firefighter in the UK. We were called recently to a hay bale fire in a field. We were first on the scene, but couldn’t see any fire. We called the person who reported the fire and asked her to tell us where the fire was. She explained she hadn’t seen actual flames, but did see ‘some odd lights in the sky,’ which she had assumed were UFOs. It turned out she just wanted us to come and take a look because she was terrified.”


“A few months ago, a call went out for 2 fire stations’ medic units and the county rescue squad to respond for traumatic injuries, or something like that. One station sent an engine and squad en route and the second station sent another engine. A few minutes later, dispatch comes back on the radio and lets us know the person in distress. A cat was stuck behind an arcade game console and the owner of the arcade couldn’t move it. So his solution was to call 911.”


“While listening to 911 dispatch, I once heard a bunch of firefighters singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to another firefighter over the radio”


“My father-in-law was a firefighter and, I kid you not, he once got a call about a cat stuck in a tree.”


“I have to listen to 911 dispatch in the California and Nevada area for work, and I’ve heard a few brilliant soundbites from firefighters over the years.

Once, I heard a firefighter yell to his colleague, ’I can’t read and drive at the same time,’ and another firefighter responded, ‘You can barely drive at all’.

Another time, a firefighter wrapped up a radio call with his buddy and signed off, ‘You complete me’.”


“This is something that happens at every BIG fire. I have A LOT of trouble aiming the deck gun on our tanker at the ‘target’. Seeing that it creates a large ‘fog’ of water, I can’t actually see where the water stream ends. So I have a reputation of ‘taking out’ several groups of firefighters with one sweep of the stream. At a recent barn fire, I knocked a hose team down twice, and soaked 20-30 firefighters, and a whole bunch of bystanders too. The fire chief was not happy…”


“Once had to rescue a guy who got stuck at the top of a tree trying to rescue his own kitten. The best part was my colleague who was there rubbing it in, shouting up to the guy, ‘Cats don’t get stuck in trees, people do!’”


“About 14 years ago, shortly after I was hired, my squad was woken up at about 3:00 am for a mobile home fire. I had to pee like a race horse, but not wanting to waste a second, I jumped on the squad truck and off we went.

A few minutes after we arrived, we had extinguished the fire, but the trailer was still full of smoke. I had to pee so bad, I could no longer function… I was about to explode! I stumbled into a bathroom and aimed for the broken remains of a toilet bowl. Suddenly, the wind shifted, and the air cleared, revealing that the wall behind the toilet had burned away. Outside the trailer, about a dozen onlookers were pointing at me, chuckling and even applauding. Good thing we’re all fairly anonymous in full gear and a mask! To this day, nobody knows it was me.”


“My squad was once sent to rescue a bird stuck in a tree. Yes, you read that right. The family had decided against clipping the wings of their $1000 tropical bird because they didn’t feel it was ethical, and one day the bird flew out the door and into a tree. When we arrived at the scene, another squad had set up ladders on two separate trees, with a cadet desperately chasing the bird as it flew back and forth between them. We ended up shooting a large stream in a fog pattern above the bird, and after about five minutes it got wet and glided safely to the ground.”


“We got a dispatch at 3:00 am for a fire alarm activation. As is usually the case, there was no obvious sign of a problem when we first arrived. That is, until we saw a man running out the front door with a TV! Turns out that the alarm company erroneously reported a burglar alarm as a fire alarm. Imagine his surprise! Luckily, police arrived at the same time and caught the thief before he could get away.”


“Our dispatch got a call from a lady in her sixties who said she couldn’t breath through her nose, and thought there might be smoke in the building. When we get there, sure enough she is sitting there with a box of tissues and lots of nasal stuff. She said she couldn’t breath through her nose. We told her the only thing we could do was send her to the hospital, but she didn’t want to go, so we left. Definitely the silliest call I’ve had to date.”


“While listening to 911 dispatch in Reno, Nevada, someone called to report a man walking around with his beard on fire in the middle of downtown Reno. Someone else called about him too, but I don’t think he was ever found.”


“We got a call from dispatch with the code for an ‘invasive bodily injury’. We show up on scene expecting to see someone impaled and it turns out to be a little boy who had somehow jammed a rubber ball up his nose. It was removed smoothly with the help of some forceps. Everything is okay now, but mom was sure worried.”


“During a snowstorm, a state of emergency was called and I was one of 3 guys who had to stay at the firehouse for 3 days straight. We got no sleep, and had to go out for everything you could think of. Opening dwellings, towing ambulances, all kinds of stuff. One day, it’s hailing outside but we get a call from a woman who had a stomach ache. I’m fine with that, it’s part of the job. But when we get there, she’s lying on her couch and the room is full of smoke. She tells us the reason for her stomach ache was that she had smoked some bad marijuana. So there we are, shovelling her sidewalk to get a gurney into her house and getting smacked on the helmet with hail the size of golf balls, all because she had decided it was a good time to buy discounted pot.”


“I was a Fire Department volunteer on a tiny island off the coast of Northern Ohio in Lake Erie for six years. One time, a fellow had his boat go up in flames, but instead of jumping ship and letting the boat burn through he actually thought that docking his boat at the wooden port was a good idea. Not only that, but he was trying to pull up to the GAS STATION DOCK. Everyone is trying to wave him away but he’s just yelling, ‘I can’t hear you, let me come closer!’ Thankfully, we extinguished the fire before anything happened and we can all laugh about it today.”


“I was in the grocery store yesterday after work, still in uniform. While I was walking down an aisle, a little girl who was passing by me asked if I was with the police department, since I have a similar uniform. I told her I was with the fire service, and guess what she did?

She ran over and gave me a great big HUG and a thank you for ‘all the work you do’. That kind of thing makes it all feel worth it at the end of the day.”