Father Cuts Off His Daughter’s Beautiful Hair As Ridiculous ‘Punishment’

Father Cuts Off His Daughter’s Beautiful Hair As Ridiculous ‘Punishment’

When it comes to parenting, everyone has a different approach, and a different idea of what is best for their kid. These approaches run on a spectrum – at one end, you have the strict disciplinarians, who believe that things like spanking are not only justified, but necessary to raise a child. On the other, you have more progressive-minded parents who believe in talking to their children as much as possible, and would never lay a finger on them.

While there is a lot of healthy debate among these different schools of thought, one particular story coming out of Haskins, Ohio has prompted an angry response from almost all sides of the debate, and has drawn many comments stating that this incident goes beyond the threshold of strict parenting into child abuse.

A young girl named Kelsey was having a nice day out which involved a trip to the local hair salon, in order to get blonde highlights put in her hair. As you can see from her selfie below, she was pretty happy with the results:

And why wouldn’t she be! Her new ‘do looked fantastic, and you can see from her face that it has filled her with confidence. But notice how I used the word looked fantastic – in the past tense? That’s because her new look didn’t last for very long.

Kelsey has been left devastated after her father and stepmother chopped off all of her hair when she got home.

And why, you might ask, would someone inflict such a cruel act on a young girl at a delicate stage in her life?


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