Facebook Mum Shares Her Embarrassing Yoga Experience To Millions

Facebook Mum Shares Her Embarrassing Yoga Experience To Millions

This is Laura Mazza, Facebook’s ‘Mum On The Run’, a popular personality who posts her witty take on parenting and life! She’s got over 55,000 followers on Facebook, who gobble up her honest and funny outlook on life!

Her latest adventure took her into the world of yoga, which she took as part of a fitness and physio regime to fix muscle separation in her abdomen.

What happened next? Well, read on! It’s embarrassing to say the least!

We’ll let Laura take it from here!

Uh oh, something so bad that you couldn’t make it up? Better strap in, this could get pretty bad.

Don’t we all own way more yoga pants than times we’ve taken a yoga class? I know I have! But it’s time to get in shape, and all zen, right?

Yoga Master Yoda, she is.

Isn’t it always the freakin’ way! I feel like I stick out like a sore thumb in the gym every time, glowing nice and pink like a beet!

Namaste, Laura!

Downward facing dog is a yoga move where you’re on all fours.

Whoops! Oh. Now, we’re getting to the heart of the matter.

Ugh, ewww! Noxious chemicals coming through!

Exactly, everybody farts in yoga! Just dive in and go with the flow on this one, girl!

Second time is a charm, right?

I would’ve gotten a month’s worth of exercise just getting out of that place! You’re meant to move slowly and gently in yoga, but I guess in that situation you just couldn’t move fast enough!

Uh oh. Sounds like my worst nightmare! But I would way rather dive into a McDonald’s sundae than into a yoga session!

Laura’s Facebook followers were quick to reassure her.

“Everyone farts during yoga. I’ve nearly full on s*** myself before lmao,” said one of her friends… I guess we’ve all been there!

“I think my pelvic floor needs some work because I peed a little laughing so hard,” said another of her friends. I guess Laura isn’t the only one who needs some yoga physio!

“You are hilarious!!! So brutally honest, not many people would admit to farts like that,” somebody else said, and I definitely agree!

“Totally laughing with you. I cried laughing. Maybe try Pilates’s for the core strength!!” another of her friends commented. I guess that might be easier… and maybe even less windy!

Laura’s hilariously honest take on life is something that I think we can all relate to! Yoga is definitely a difficult skill to master and seems like the scariest thing in the world, and I hope this doesn’t put anybody off from trying it.

I think it makes it seem like the sort of thing you just have to try. If there’s something so hilarious that can happen in that situation, you can only do what Laura did! Own it and laugh about it later!

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