Facebook Mom Relives The Hilariously Awkward Moment Her Child Catches Her Having Sex - Aunty Acid Buzz

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Nobody said that being a parent was easy. There are thousands, no probably millions of books on the subject. So you know that stuff is hard as heck.

There’s a lot that those self-help books and well-meaning websites don’t warn you about though! How about one of the most obvious things of all? The reason the kids are even here in the first place! We’re talking S. E. X. here! Spell it out and whisper it in front of the kids!

But when a mommy and daddy love each other very much, and it’s time to have a… well, a ‘special cuddle’… how do you do that with small children in the house?

Trying to keep it down while your baby sleeps next door? The bed creaking every time you so much as breathe like a freakin’ ship in a storm? Not exactly sexy or romantic!

Those are the kind of obstacles that “mommy blogger” Emma Harris has to overcome. Emma lives in Ireland with her husband and two kids. She was recently trying to… well, get it on with her husband when the unthinkable happened… and one of her small children walked in!

She was brave enough to put the entire episode on Facebook to tell her story, and the post has since gone viral! I know I would just slip a memory erasing pill and pretend the whole thing never happened.

But here we go people, prepare to relive every agonizing moment of… well, that moment.

Be warned, it’s kinda graphic and Emma uses some pretty bad language. Which I guess any of us would in that situation! So if you have no sense of humor, or you’re feeling kinda prudish today or you’re the type who writes angry letters about morals, stop right here!

For the rest of us however, strap in for a heck of a ride, as Emma takes us through every shameful detail!

Aww yeah! That’s my girl!

When suddenly? When suddenly what?

I think we all know what happened next…

AHH! AHH! YAAGHH! It’s the kid!

It’s like a horror movie! I can’t go on, stop now! No wait, don’t stop…

What in the name of Jiminy Christmas! It just keeps getting worse!

Somebody make it stop! But oh no, there’s still more of this story to go people!

Time to panic!

Definitely time for panic!

Is that ALL she wanted?

Oh my goodness I wouldn’t have known whether to laugh or cry. Surely it was plain sailing from there, right?

I don’t blame you guys, my life would have flashed before my eyes. It’s fine, it’s fine, kids can repress these things!

Well, that was traumatic as heck! I hope we’ve all learned a valuable lesson moms and dads – lock your bedroom door!