Early Simon Cowell TV Interview Is Found, And There’s One HUGE Difference

Early Simon Cowell TV Interview Is Found, And There’s One HUGE Difference

Like a lot of celebs, he’s a divisive figure, but whether you love him or loathe him, there’s no denying that British music mogul Simon Cowell has had an incredibly successful career in the music industry.

Simon started his glittering career in the early 80s, when his father, an EMI executive, got him a job in the mail room of the company. But the young man had his sights set on bigger things, and after failing to get any kind of promotion, he quit.

Towards the latter part of the decade, he managed to become a successful music producer in his own right, and produced hit singles for the American-British singer Sinitta, a big star of the time.

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Since then, he has gone on to become a household name as a talent show judge and music producer extraordinaire. Having started in his native Britain with hit shows Pop Idol and The X Factor, he successfully brought those franchises to the USA, creating American Idol, The X Factor USA, and America’s Got Talent. He served as a panel judge on all of these shows.

He is known for his brutally honest criticism of contestants, and has become something of a pantomime villain due to his mean streak. But a video has recently been circulating of what appears to be his first ever appearance on TV, and it’s… well, it doesn’t exactly fit his ‘mean’ image, let’s put it that way.

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A lot has changed since the 80s. For one thing, double denim is now a lot less acceptable. The same can be said for leg warmers, sequins, and neon tracksuits. It can be a little cringeworthy to look back on photos of that time, but I’ll bet that Simon Cowell feels the same way about this video.

But it’s not his dress sense that makes this video so shocking, or what he says in the interview – it’s his voice.

It is to be expected that a guy’s voice will change after 30+ years, but even taking that into consideration, this is pretty unbelievable

Check out the video below, and bear in mind he was a full-grown man when this went out:

Pretty incredible, right? He sounds like a miniature version of himself!  Did he inhale a helium balloon before he went on air? I wonder if he had to ‘train’ his voice to get it down to what it is today.

You can SO tell that this video is from the 80s. He does have the 80s look going on, but if you think about it, he hasn’t actually changed that much. He still has the hairy arms, still has the bouffant hair. The only difference is that he mostly wears all black now. Oh, and that he doesn’t sound so much like a chipmunk anymore!

What do you think of Simon Cowell? Is he a misery-guts, or do you admire him for the success that he’s had? Let us know in the comments!

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