Dermatologists Share 24 Things They Wish You Already Knew

Dermatologists Share 24 Things They Wish You Already Knew

Being a dermatologist is a lot harder than you’d think. I mean, do you honestly think it’s just sitting around popping people’s spots and blackheads all day? Yes, for some people that sounds like it would be a dream job and there’s a lot more to it than you’d realise. These dermatologists have shared 24 things that they wish you knew about their job.

1. We do a lot more than just pop pimples.

If our jobs were that simple don’t you think more people would do it? We deal with every skin condition under the sun, not just acne!

2. And we don’t just deal with skin.

We can help you with your hair and nails too, so if your dermatologist recommends a shampoo, take their advice!

3. Your skin can say a lot about you.

A lot of what is going on inside your body is reflected on your skin. Skin conditions can be caused by all sorts of illnesses so make sure to get yours checked out if it sticks around for more than a few days.

4. Drinking lots of water might not help your skin after all.

Staying properly hydrated is good for you in a multitude of ways, but your skin might not be benefiting from it. A recent study has shown that our skin might not be getting much out of all of that hydration, although that doesn’t mean you should stop drinking your 8 glasses a day!

5. We see some seriously disgusting stuff.

We’re not easily shocked, but sometimes we see things that we’d really rather forget.

6. But some things make it all worthwhile.

Sometimes we deal with a patient who makes our job totally worth it and then we remember why we went into this profession in the first place.

7. You should use a comedone extractor on your blackheads.

These handy little tools are readily available online and give you a simple and hygienic way to pop out those blackheads.

8. But most DIY dermatology treatments are a waste of money.

Surprise, surprise, those ‘miracle treatments’ that claim to give you a face lift with little electrical pulses don’t really work and can actually make your skin worse. Don’t bother unless you enjoy wasting your cash.

9. But we can do amazing things with genuine treatments.

We can work wonders for our patients with relatively simple treatments and the difference it can make to someone’s life is amazing. So please, come in and see us, we can help!

10. Sun damage is serious business.

We’ve seen what sun damage can do to your skin so please, don’t ignore us when we tell you to use sunscreen! Your skin might look fine to the naked eye, but you wouldn’t believe how it could look under our UV lamp that shows up any sun damage!

11. Yes, we’d rather stay in the shade.

After seeing all of the sun damage complications we’ve seen, you wouldn’t want to go out in the sun either!

12. Sometimes, skin conditions can seriously stink.

Fungal infections, oozing skin, pus from cysts, it all stinks! We’re no strangers to hideous odours, it’s what we’re paid to endure!

13. It takes a lot to gross us out!

We’ve seen all kinds of gross looking skin stuff, so you’ll have to be pretty darn extreme to gross us out!

14. Yes, we are real doctors.

I hate when people ask us this, of course we’re real doctors and we earned that title, thanks!

15. And we never stop studying.

The sheer amount of skin conditions there are in this world means that we’ll never know about everything that comes through our door, but that doesn’t mean we won’t hit the books and give it a good try!

16. We hate those clickbait skincare ads.

Seriously, if there was a genuine way to do all of that stuff those ads promise, we’d be shouting it from the rooftops. There is no secret cure!

17. Shaving won’t make your hair grow back thicker.

That’s just an urban myth. We’re not overly fond of shaving because it can cause ingrown hairs and irritate your skin, but it’s not going to make you hairier.

18. Pore strips work, but not a lot.

Some pore strips can even be damaging to your skin if they’re too sticky. There’s better ways to deal with those blackheads.

19. Go easy on your skin.


20. Parasites can really mess up your skin.

Water-borne parasites can get into your skin and cause pretty hideous skin conditions like this one. Be careful if you’re swimming in fresh water and always get any rashes checked out!

21. Don’t go crazy with expensive moisturisers.

Just look for moisturisers that contain ceramides and you’ll be onto a winner as these will help your skin retain moisture. You can also just use vaseline if you want, it’s just as good.

22. And regular face peels can do more harm than good.

Once in a while can be fine, but regular microdermabrasions and face peels can damage your skin and leave it much more sensitive in the long run.

23. Please, please stop asking us to look at the lumps and bumps on your body.

I know we’re friends, but I’m off the clock and I’ve seen enough gross skin stuff today without adding yours to it.

24. And please, stop calling us Dr Pimple Popper.

Yes, we’ve seen that Seinfeld scene. Yes, we’ve seen Dr Pimple Popper on Youtube. No, we don’t want to be called that ourselves.

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