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Losing a child is one of the worst nightmares any parents can face.

For so many parents, it’s accepted that their children will be the ones to bury them, not the other way around.

Not many people can describe what it’s like to lose a child, and it’s honestly a feeling I never want to imagine, let alone go through myself!

It’s always heartbreaking to hear of a child dying before their parents. It’s a mixture of sadness, which the mother feels, and the tragedy of a young life being cut short.

It’s a heartbreak nothing can fill.

This unimaginable pain is what Cindy Mathis, from Georgia, felt when she lost her 16-year-old daughter.

Macy tragically died in a car crash.

But after the tragedy, Mathis discovered that Macy left Cindy with something.

To Cindy, her daughter had become a second mother to her three young brothers. 

Aside from being a second mother to her siblings, Macy was also very creative.

The last present Macy had ever given her mom was a set of letters.

Each letter had a different message on the front: “open when…you miss me,” or when “you’re excited” or when “you’re lonely.” read a handful of them, then put the collection away.

Cindy had read a handful of them, then put the collection away.

Macy’s car accident was just days later. 

Cindy had been living with the grief for a month when she found one of her daughter’s letters and started revisiting the collection.

Cindy started with “open when…you can’t sleep.”

Macy wrote:

“I want you to know that I love you.

“I feel like I don’t tell you that enough. And since you can’t sleep and you’re probably stressed about something, I need you to know that I love you”

Cindy was amazed by how thoughtful her daughter’s letters were.

“They’re so on point and there are occasions where she knew me way too well. My daughter knew me.”

Mathis still follows the instructions on each letter, and whenever she opens a new letter she shares it on a special Facebook page.

She says the letters help give her closure and even seem to bring her daughter back for a little while.

“Each [letter] has helped me in so many ways.

“It’s like she knew, but she didn’t know… It’s an amazing feeling. It feels like she’s there with me.”

In one letter, titled “open when…you miss me,” Macy writes:

“I’m sorry that you’re missing me. I hope that wherever you are or whatever you’re doing you’re okay. I’m probably missing you too,”

Cindy says other teenagers have written to her, asking if they can copy Macy’s idea and leave letter for their own parents.

She’s always said yes to this request because she knows how much those letters mean to her.

“It’s the best gift that a child can give a parent.”

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