Her Daughter Came Inside Screaming. When Her Mom Sees Her Hand? This Is Worrying!

Her Daughter Came Inside Screaming. When Her Mom Sees Her Hand? This Is Worrying!

Kids always want to play in the back yard with their friends, I mean its what kids do isn’t it? and if they wanted to stay indoors all day, we would be pretty concerned!

There are fear factors that come with kids playing outside but most of the benefits outweigh the risks.

The main fears are usually strangers approaching them, they could trip, or fall and hurt themselves. But it turns out, another danger may exist and it may be closer than you think.


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Right on the ground, at your child’s feet.

Kiley Cook from Grandbury, Texas, unfortunately experienced this danger. The little girl was playing with her friends unaware of the danger that sat at her feet.  Then a sharp and very severe pain occurred, seemingly out of nowhere.
It was when Kiley put her hand down on the ground. Suddenly out of nowhere, a Copperhead snake struck her. These are very dangerous snakes that can seriously injure and in some cases kill a human with only one bite.


This terrible incident occurred at the school playground. Nataly Horn was present and rushed to the child’s aid as soon as it happened. Little Kiley was quickly flown to Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas where she was treated for the snake bite.

You may think that these incidents aren’t that common, they are just freak incidents that happen once in whitle. This is not the case. The hospital reports seeing between 17 and 25 children each year for snake bites. This is just one hospital, so you can imagine the amount of cases that other hospitals likely have.

Kiley’s fingers, hand, and entire arm ended up becoming totally swollen up. And her finger turned black. Nasty!

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Playground employees are going to examine the grounds before kids play from now on, in a bid to try and prevent an accident like this from happening again. Parents should try to be aware of any dangers in the playground area, even if it means keeping a more watchful eye.

Watch the clip below for the full news report on the story:

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