The Most Dangerous Foods In The World That People Are Still Eating!

The Most Dangerous Foods In The World That People Are Still Eating!

Now let’s be honest with ourselves here, we all know how far we’ll go to hit that snack craving. Everyone’s had a snacking moment that we’re not proud of and we’ve probably abused the five second rule more than we probably should, but it’s all fine as long as it’s in the name of food, right?

WRONG! Well, not the five second rule thing, that’s just science, I’m talking about going to any lengths to satisfy that snack craving. There are some foods that could end up making you seriously sick or could even kill you if you don’t think before you snack! We’ve found eight of the most dangerous foods in the world that could land you six feet under but, for some reason, people still eat anyway!

1. Casu Marzu

This weird cheese is an Italian delicacy that we’re not surprised doesn’t make it into any ‘Visit Italy’ brochures. Now we love cheese, and I mean LOVE, but this sheep-milk cheese is enough to turn even the most dedicated cheese fan off. The reason? It’s filled with live maggots that are capable of jumping up to six inches and the maggots are kept in while you eat the cheese!

Apparently the maggots make it taste better, but if you have to hold your hand over your cheese so maggots don’t jump into your eyes, it’s probably best that you don’t eat it. Oh, and just in case that wasn’t enough to put you off, if the maggots survive being eaten they can make you nauseous, make you throw up and give you diarrhoea. Great.

2. Hot Dogs

Okay, so this one’s not on our list because it’s weird, but it is on our list because it’s surprisingly lethal! It’s the biggest cause of food-related choking in children under three, this is because it’s the perfect shape to lodge in the throat of a small child. Let’s just leave the hotdogs to the adults, shall we?

3. Hakarl

This is a delicacy you’ll only find in Iceland and is basically raw Greenland shark. It’s been cured and dried for six months and if the process isn’t done right it can make you very, very ill. This is because the sharks filter waste through their skin, which means toxins could be left behind in the skin as you eat it. I’ll give this one a miss, thanks!

4. Fugu Fish

You’ve probably heard of the fugu fish if you’re a fan of sushi or a fan of The Simpsons. This blowfish is full of a neurotoxin called tetrodotoxin, which shuts down your nerve signalling and is 1,200 times more toxic than cyanide. Because of this, preparation of the fish in Japan is highly regulated, as if you don’t remove the right parts properly eating the fish could kill someone. Can’t say I love sushi enough to die for it!


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