Cute and Hilarious Differences Between American Moms and British Mums

Cute and Hilarious Differences Between American Moms and British Mums

American moms being savage on Facebook

Older ladies have absolutely no filter when it comes out to savagery to their loved ones on Facebook. This might be true, but it’s mean! And also funny.

British mums being savage on Facebook

The savagery isn’t turned down on the other side of the atlantic, either. This mum took the chance to remind her daughter just how single she is right now by tagging her in this post.

American moms being an embarrassment at college

This young lady’s mom clearly brings all the boys to the yard. Talk about being upstaged on your first day of college. And just look at those retweets!

British mums being an embarrassment at Uni

This young man clearly does not fancy his chances with the ladies after his mom brought him these bedsheets that he’s probably had since he was knee-height. Ah well, at least your bed is made! If I know anything about college students, I can’t imagine it will be for much longer.

American moms being petty around the house

Yup – this living room is officially CLOSED until you kids learn how to respect it. What did you do, you ask? Well, I can’t remember, but it must’ve been pretty bad for me to go to these lengths, so why don’t you go to your room and think about what you’ve done! …whatever that was.


British mums being petty around the house

For anyone who isn’t fluent in Scottish-dialect English, this roughly translates as “my mom know that I hate Shreddies, and she’s been hiding the treats in here for ages, what a snake”. Charming! I think this was an ingenious trick. I might try this on my hubby Walt.

American moms being extra

For those of you who don’t know, ‘extra’ is the word kids use for when someone is being over the top. Which this mom clearly is in this case!

British mums being extra


Actually, now that I think about it, this isn’t that ‘extra’ after all. I love dogs, so if you ask me, this is pretty standard. Pooch needs entertainment as much as anyone else!


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