Curious People Reveal The Strangest Objects They’ve Ever Come Across

Curious People Reveal The Strangest Objects They’ve Ever Come Across

We’re bound to come across something strange once in a while, and when you come across these strange things it can be an utterly confusing experience.

Here are a few of the weirdest things people have stumbled across while at work.

1. Big Chief

My 98-year-old grandmother just passed this past Christmas. As I was cleaning out her apartment, I came across a folded stack of notebook paper- it actually looked more like the paper torn out of a “Big Chief” tablet. On the outside was written her name in my grandfather’s handwriting.

As I opened it, I read the date – 1942. My grandparents had been married in 1938. My grandfather was in the Navy and on a ship in the Mediterranean in 1942. As I read the letter, the writing was in a very strange, detached voice.

It told her how lost she must feel and how she must take care of herself primarily and then take care of my father (born in 1939). It then went on to tell her that she should buy a house on the outskirts of a small town and watch out for those who would take advantage of her.

I then got to a part where he instructed her to use her own judgement as to whether or not she taught my father about him. At this point I was thinking he was divorcing her! I got mad (even though I knew they stayed married for 55 years.

As I read further, it finally dawned on me that this letter was his final instructions to her in the event he was killed in action. It was difficult to hold back the tears as I read that she should not waste resources in trying to bring his body home.

This letter that I had just finished reading was what he wanted to tell her – make sure that she could move on and give her hope and comfort.

2. Housewarming Party

A few years ago I was living in an apartment in Mountain View. During the housewarming party, someone noticed that there was an attic entrance in one of the hallways. We didn’t know about the attic before, but we decided it must be explored. So we grabbed some flashlights, pulled a chair over, climbed up and opened the attic. Once we got inside, we found tinfoil covering the walls, newspaper on the floor, a few buckets of potting soil, and a heat lamp. Clearly, one of the previous tenants had been growing marijuana up here!

A handful of us climbed up, and drank some beers while we looked around more. I picked up one of the newspapers and found a Peanuts comic from the 1970s. Then we noticed that everything up there was from the 70s as well, and nothing looked like it had been disturbed.

We had accidentally stumbled into a perfectly-preserved at-home marijuana grow operation from at least 30 years ago. It was like a small archaeological expedition in our own home!

3. Dead Fox

I once found a dead red fox, hung by the neck from a fence post, with its mouth propped open and filled with seashells. To this day… I don’t know why.

4. A Walk In The Woods

When I was in my early twenties, a friend and I went for a walk in the woods. While we were walking we began to talk about the deeper meaning of the concepts of God and Satan. We talked and walked deep into the woods for maybe an hour when we came upon a tree that seemed somehow significant.

It had one trunk but quickly split into two full separate trees. Jammed into the “V” was a Zip-Lock freezer bag containing a notebook and a pencil. We took out the notebook, looked inside, and found that the pages were empty except for a single sentence on the first page: “God and Satan.” To this day, I am still amazed.

5. Field Trip

On an 8th grade overnight field trip, the boys tried to crawl through the ceiling to get to our room. On their way, a big brick of weed fell out of the ceiling. Ever since then, I have thoroughly searched every hotel room I’ve ever stayed in. This has turned up all sorts of things, most recently a plastic baggie of joints in a vase in a suite in the Palace in San Francisco.

6. Swimming To See

When I was a little girl, I was swimming off the coast of an island in the Caribbean. I was snorkelling in about ten feet of water, when a shiny object on the bottom caught my eye. I dove down to retrieve it. It was a gold coin that was on a piece of coral that had grown over it, at least enough to make it impossible to pry off with my fingers.

Believe me, I tried. And then my brother tried. We both spent quite a while diving and pulling.

After an hour or so (and bloody fingers) we decided to come back with a screwdriver to pry it off.

To our utter dismay we could not locate it again. Hours we searched, to no avail.

We later returned to our home island (Providenciales) and never had the chance to try again.

It probably remains to this day, unless a snorkeler with tools on them happened to stumble across it.


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