Courteney Cox Let Her Facial Fillers Dissolve And Now She’s Showing Off Her Natural Beauty

Courteney Cox Let Her Facial Fillers Dissolve And Now She’s Showing Off Her Natural Beauty

From time to time most of us would have contemplated plastic surgery. It’s just one of those things.

While most of us admit it’s something we wouldn’t have done to ourselves, we still think about what we could have done.

Most people think about having their nose changed, or having a facelift, or even having a tummy tuck. But just because you think about it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.

I think about ordering a salad whenever I got to McDonald’s but I know I’m never going to do it.

There are some people who decide to use cosmetic surgery to create our dream look.

They turn to botox, facial fillers, and silicone to become their idea of beauty.

As long as they’re happy, and it doesn’t become an addiction, then I’ll never judge someone for their plastic surgery.

But, sometimes someone who has had fillers or any other form of plastic surgery, will decide to undo it (if it’s possible), and that’s exactly what Courtney Cox has done.

Courteney Cox is well known for her role as Monica Geller on the show, Friends. But her recent choices when it comes to her looks has got her a lot of mainstream media attention.

In a day and age where a lot of men and women go through cosmetic procedures to look younger and ‘more beautiful,’ Courteney has decided to take a very different approach.

The 58-year-old has gone through a number of procedures to maintain a youthful look.

But the Friends star has now decided to remove all her facial fillers to embrace her natural beauty.

In a recent interview, Courteney said:

‘I grew up thinking that appearance was the most important thing. That’s kind of sad because it got me in trouble.

‘I was trying so hard to keep up, and I actually made things worse.’

After numerous procedures, Courtney no longer felt like herself and felt like cosmetic procedures weren’t the right thing to do to her body.

‘Well, what would end up happening is that you go to a doctor who would say, ‘You look great, but what would help is a little injection here or filler there.’ So you walk out and you don’t look so bad and you think, no one noticed — it’s good. Then somebody tells you about another doctor: ‘This person’s amazing. They do this person who looks so natural.’ You meet them and they say, ‘You should just do this.’’

Besides doing this for herself, she also wants to set a good example for her 13-year-old daughter, Coco.

‘The next thing you know, you’re layered and layered and layered. You have no idea because it’s gradual until you go, ‘Oh s–t, this doesn’t look right.’ And it’s worse in pictures than in real life.

‘I have one friend who was like, ‘Whoa, no more!’ I thought I haven’t done anything in six months. I didn’t realize.’

She hopes that her change of heart will show her daughter what true beauty really is and that it’s important to embrace your beauty and love yourself.

She says that she wants her daughter to express herself through her appearance and her makeup, but she doesn’t want Coco to ‘sexualize herself.’

‘I know some people think I should rein her in with the makeup, but it’s a form of self-expression. As long as she’s not sexualizing herself, it’s really just what makes her feel good.

‘I’ve had all my fillers dissolved. I’m as natural as I can be. I feel better because I look like myself. I think that I now look more like the person that I was.’

Courtney is regularly seen in public, but despite this, it took her some time to understand who she is and who she really wants to be.

‘I hope I do. Things are going to change. Everything’s going to drop. I was trying to make it not drop, but that made me look fake. You need movement in your face, especially if you have thin skin like I do.

‘Those aren’t wrinkles — they’re smile lines. I’ve had to learn to embrace the movement and realize that fillers are not my friend.’

What an inspiring idea!

Honestly, I think Courtney is setting a good example for her daughter, and she’s looking all the better for it too!

What do you think of Courtney’s decision to ditch the facial fillers?

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