Couples Decide To Get Matching Disney Tattoos And Immediately Regret It

Couples Decide To Get Matching Disney Tattoos And Immediately Regret It

Anyone who’s been in a serious relationship will know that it’s hard work.

Suddenly you’re in a position where your life is no longer your own.

What you do can have an impact on your relationship with your partner.

Being in a serious and committed relationship is hard work. Anyone who’s been in one will attest to that. But when you’re with the right person, it’s worth it.

All that hard work seems like nothing at all, and you’re left wondering what other couples are complaining about.

Of course, dating and relationships are tricky. It may feel like a good match at the time but in reality, it could be the opposite.

It’s hard to figure out if a relationship will be a long-lasting and happy one. For obvious reasons relationships simply break apart. This can be the result of cheating, people growing apart, or people moving.

Honestly, relationships end for all sorts of reasons. Once a friend of mine was dumped because she told her boyfriend she didn’t like cheese! Pretty crazy right? I mean, who doesn’t like cheese?!

Obviously, everyone (or at least most sane people) want to reduce the damage created by a breakup.

A clean and fair break is always appreciated. When breakups don’t happen like this, things can get pretty complicated, especially when children and money are involved.

We all know couples who think they’ll stay together forever no matter what. They’re ride or die, and they’ll be together forever.

To celebrate their relationship and make their love more permanent, some couples will get matching tattoos.

Sometimes these tattoos will have a theme, like Princess and Prince Charming theme, or they’ll have the classic name tattoo, where they’ll tattoo their other half’s name on their body.

But whenever I see couples do this, I can’t help but laugh.

We all know what happens next, right?

Usually, within a year or so that couple will be no more and they’ll be left with half of a matching tattoo or the name of their ex left on their forearm.

It’s not a great look, and it makes finding another partner a tiny bit awkward, to say the least!

Deciding to declare your love for your partner with a tattoo is always a bad idea. It’s even something tattoo artists advice against because you’re probably going to regret getting it done.

Don’t believe me?

Just take a look at Johnny Depp. He has a lot of tattoos on his body, and one of them was a tattoo of his ex-girlfriend’s name.

Back in the 90s, Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder were quite the item. But once they eventually split up, Depp had to get creative with his “Winona Forever” tattoo.

He edited it to look like “Wino Forever”, it’s a weird choice, but not that bad in comparison. 

There are quite a few celebrity couples who were in a similar situation, but it’s quite a big list!

As I mentioned before, some couples like to get themed tattoos to avoid embarrassment in case they do break up.

You can’t beat a Disney tattoo, can you?

Well, it looks like you can!


While some couples may go for Mickey and Minnie themed tattoos, this couple decided to go for something a little different.

This anonymous couple decided to show off their love and commitment to one another with his’n’hers matching Beauty and the Beast tattoos.

Pretty sweet, right?

While one of them got the rose tattooed on them, the other one went for the bell jar.

What could go wrong with this?!

Well, quite a lot apparently.

Unfortunately for the one with the bell jar, it doesn’t really look like that…

It actually looks more like a giant condom than a bell jar and they’re stuck with it!

An image of the tattoo was shared on Reddit, and people were quick to voice their shock and confusion over the tattoo design. 

One Reddit user said:

“The rose is OK. Its just your basic rose. The bell Jar does look like a condom or a Taco Bell bell.” 

Another person added:

“I don’t know. From a certain angle the rose looks a bit like a gummy bear on a stick to me which I find amusing. Petals are kind of wilting there.”

I really hope this couple doesn’t break up. I wouldn’t wish that level of embarrassment on my worst enemy!

This couple either need to get creative or save up for laser removal.

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