Here Is The Complete Style Transformation Of Britney Spears

Here Is The Complete Style Transformation Of Britney Spears

We have seen this lady grow up right before our eyes. She has been singing and dancing as a small child and then she graduated into becoming a pop idol that everyone in the world adored. She was on MTV, and her videos became something that all people were watching, whether you wanted to or not. The fact is, she was adorable and then later, very sexy. In that sense, the recipe for success was all there.

Also, over the years, she has managed to change up her style quite a bit. Most of the time it is tasteful but she was also a woman of the world who wasn’t afraid to try new things and so she did manage to make some strong impressions with her wardrobe choices. However, through it all, we were there, hanging on her every lyric and appearance because she really was that great and that beautiful. Whether you were a fan of her music or not, you knew who she was and her appearance had a lot to do with how she came across to other people.

It’s not everyday that we get to watch an icon like her grow up into a mature lady with children and a life of her own. It’s only when we look back at all of those years that we are able to piece together the look that she tried to maintain and all of the different styles that she created while she did. These have really set the standards for many others who have followed in her wake. She not only made it to the top but she was able to look good all the while she was doing this. This will be a journey down nostalgia lane for many people.

Now, let’s take a look at her fashion transformation over the years.

October 1998

This was when Britney landed in the big time. This was her debut album, and she has been super famous ever since. For those who may not know this, she started off on television and was a regular with many other budding stars on The Mickey Mouse Club but the world obviously saw potential in her because afterwards, she branched out on her own and ended up being one of the most famous people in the world. This was the beginning of it all. . .Even in the beginning, it was obvious that she had a spark that was about to take flame.

January 1999

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At this time, she is obviously touring and promoting her new album but already she has our attention. In this photo, she is clad in all white with her signature abs showing off proudly to the world. There’s something about wearing all white that shows a level of confidence. It’s definitely a stark color that cannot be touched or else it looks drab almost immediately. Therefore, wearing it shows that you are pretty much untouchable and as you can see here, she is definitely on her way to achieving this status. Nobody could take their eyes off of her because she had a knack for being seemingly perfect.

January 11, 1999

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This is her at the American Music Awards, and she’s looking cute in this dress!

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