What Does The Color Of Your Urine Reveal About Your Health?

What Does The Color Of Your Urine Reveal About Your Health?

Now I know this may sound a little strange, but every time you go to the bathroom you have the chance to check up on your health.

When you go pee, you can get a pretty good indication of your health by the color of your urine.

By doing this you’ll be able to find out if your body is in tip-top fighting condition or if you need to see a doctor.

Here’s what the color of your urine reveals about your health and there are also a few suggestions about how to remedy it or what you should do next.

So, what does your urine say about your health?

1. Orange

There are some anti-inflammatory drugs, chemotherapy drugs, and even laxatives with senna that can cause a person to have an orange colored pee.

But overconsumption of vitamin B2 or beta-carotene (carrots) could also be a reason why your urine is this color.

If you were not exposed to any of the above, then you should:

  • Try drinking more water. Dehydration can cause urine to be a dark yellow to orange color. In just a couple of hours, it should return to a healthy clear yellow color!
  • Check your eyes. If you notice any yellowish tint in the whites of your eyes, then orange urine can be a sign that your liver is not functioning correctly. If you notice that then you should make an appointment with a doctor immediately.

2. Pink and reddish

Seeing a reddish or pink coloring in your urine can be very alarming for some.

But thankfully it’s not necessarily serious. It could just be caused by food or medications. Before worrying, see the reasons behind this color.

If you ate beetroot, blackberries, or rhubarb, then you have nothing to worry about. The dark red coloring is simply excreted in your urine after the kidneys do their job.

It normally, it clears up by the next day. But if you haven’t eaten any of these foods, or taken any of the medication below you should make an appointment with a doctor.

There are certain antibiotics (like Rifadin and Rimactane) that are used to treat tuberculosis, which can turn urine reddish.

Phenazopyridine, which is used to treat urinary tract infections, and laxatives containing senna can also be what’s giving your urine a pinkish color.

However, it could also be a sign of blood in your urine, which can be a sign of a urinary tract infection, kidney disease, cancerous or noncancerous tumors.

It could also be a sign of bladder/ kidney stones. But if you see any blood clots or other tissues in your urine, see your doctor immediately. 

3. Green or blue

It might be shocking to see this color in your urine, but it’s rare. 

It could be caused by eating artificially dyed foods or even asparagus, but it should clear up in a few days.

There are also some medications, like Amitriptyline, Indomethacin, and Propofol, that cause the change of color in urine.

But if you haven’t been exposed to any of these things then you should contact your doctor.

Green colored urine could be a sign of a rare urinary tract infection that’s caused by the bacteria Pseudomonas. 


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