Coca Cola Flavored Coffee Released In Japan And People Don’t Know What To Make Of It

Coca Cola Flavored Coffee Released In Japan And People Don’t Know What To Make Of It


Japan is the kind of country that love their crazy flavors. Even if they sound like they shouldn’t work, Japanese food and drink producers often just smash together those flavors anyway and see what sticks.

They’re famous for their wasabi Kit-Kat bars, pork and seaweed donuts, and even ice cream flavors including soy sauce! Bleh!

So even the biggest companies in the world want a piece of that action, and those sweet, sweet Japanese Yen! So Coca-Cola are the latest big brand to jump on that bandwagon and ride it hard!

They’ve moved into the coffee market! Well… kind of… they’ve made a weird combination of Coke and coffee that sounds ridiculous and disgusting. But we secretly really, really want to try it.

Waking up and reaching for a cold beverage is pretty much unthinkable for some people. If they don’t even consider drinking orange juice ahead of coffee in the morning, what chance to Coca-Cola think they’ve got of making them reach for a cool glass of Coke?

Ah well those clever clogs over at Coca-Cola have thought of an ingenious idea! One that combines the two drinks which will increase the caffeine level in a drink that’s already not short on the stuff to create Coca-Cola Plus.

Apparently he drink does still taste like coke but gives a coffee flavoured aftertaste in your mouth. Coca-Cola Plus contains 50% extra caffeine per can, which will REALLY get your day off to a jet-powered start. But it’s not all bad, as Plus has half the calories as a normal can of Coke, so you won’t be dead within a month of taking up the habit.

This amazingly odd sounding drink is on sale in vending machines around Japan. People have claimed that it smells odd and surprisingly doesn’t actually smell like either drink.

Reviews so far have been mixed… I know right, who saw that one coming!

“To be frank, it’s not a very delicious aroma,” the Japanese newspaper Shin-Shouhin said in a review, before adding: “I didn’t think it tasted good, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.”

The drink went on sale in March and is trying to get more fiber into people’s diet with its additives. Some people are saying it’s the healthiest Coke yet and claim the fiber could reduce fat absorption from food if drunk whilst eating. It’s even been marketed to the over-4os age group as the first Coke drink that actually improves your health!


Pepsi are also famous in Japan for their weird flavors, and have included more fiber in their dietary drinks a few years ago, so Coke aren’t the first to try this.

But some people have said that simply shoving a bunch of fiber in a drink doesn’t actually make it all that healthy. In fact, while the added fiber won’t do the folks who drink it any harm, but any health benefits that the company claim have been called false, and are nothing compared to what eating a diet rich in fiber would have to offer.

Japan has the world’s largest ageing population so older consumers are driving the growth of their beverage market, led by teas, followed by Cola soft drinks.

“Japanese consumers have high quality standards and are especially uncompromising when it comes to taste,” Dr David Machiels, product development director at Coca-Cola Asia Pacific, said about the brand new product, “And being an ageing society has made it a unique market where consumers are extremely health-conscious and seek functionality.”

“We chose white as the base color of the packaging so consumers will instantly recognize that it has new features never before seen in a Coca-Cola product,” Dr. Machiels added.

Cola fans out there might remember Coca-Cola Blãk that was released in Europe and the USA in 2006. It didn’t last long due to the lack in popularity but who knows, Coca-Cola Plus could end up becoming everyone’s new favourite drink in Japan.

So what do you think? Does this new product have any of the health benefits that it’s makers claim it has? Or are they just trying to fool consumers into thinking what is basically a very sugary soft drink is actually a health drink?

Surely it’s all about making money at the end of the day, so I guess you can never take manufacturer’s claims at face value!

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