Christmas Gifts From Meghan Markle Leave The Royal Family Howling With Laughter

Christmas Gifts From Meghan Markle Leave The Royal Family Howling With Laughter

Christmas has come and gone and we’re finding homes for all of our beloved Christmas presents… and finding ways to discreetly dispose of all of the gifts that weren’t quite what we wanted. Maybe it was a natty pair of Christmas socks, or a set of toiletries that smell strong enough to wake the dead, whatever they are you’re trying to find a way to laugh it off and move on into the new year.

It’s no surprise that we often get rotten Christmas gifts, buying for people is difficult! I mean, how long did you struggle trying to think of what to get for your great Aunt Muriel who has famously hated every gift she’s ever been given? It’s not as simple as you might think! Now take that thought and multiply it by a million and you’ve got what Meghan Markle went through this year.

Newly engaged to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle has just spent her first Christmas with her in-laws-to-be. The Royal Family famously exchange Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve and the thought of buying Christmas gifts for Her Majesty the Queen and a father-in-law who’s destined to be the next King of England must have been pretty intimidating. What do you buy the family who has everything?

Well it’s been revealed that not only did Meghan Markle manage to find gifts for all of her new family members, but that her gifts gave the Royal Family a right royal chuckle! That’s how you do it, Meghan! Show the Royals how to up their present game! Is anyone else super proud of her right now? You go Meghan Markle!

Every year, the Royal Family has a tradition of getting together on Christmas Eve to exchange their Christmas gifts, but the presents aren’t what you’d expect. Instead of buying flashy, expensive gifts for one another, the Royals traditionally exchange gifts that are a little more tongue-in-cheek. So what is it that gives the Royal Family the giggles at Christmas time?

Well, some of the other presents that gave the Royal family a good laugh in the past included shower caps and a white leather toilet seat. Yep, a white leather toilet seat was gifted to Prince Charles and rumour has it that he still travels with it today. Well, you’ve got to look after the royal butt! So what did Meghan Markle give to her in-laws this year?


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