Chinese Family Decide To Get Fit Together And Their Transformation Is Unbelievable

Chinese Family Decide To Get Fit Together And Their Transformation Is Unbelievable

Ahh January, the month when everybody and their mothers decides that they want to step up their health and fitness game for good. Naturally, this doesn’t last long for many of us, I mean how much of that January motivation actually lasts until February? Because mine’s all gone by the time the third Monday of the new year rolls around.

Well some people are way better at this whole motivation and discipline game than I am, and it’s those people who really make the headlines with their amazing transformations. It’s amazing what can be achieved in a year if you just stick at it, and one family in particular has proved that to the world over this past year.

Sometimes, what can really motivate you towards your fitness goals, is the support of your friends and family. You may even find a fitness partner to help you on your way and if you’re really lucky, you may just get your whole family in on the act. This is what Jesse did and he shared his story with the whole world through his Instagram account.

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Jesse is a 32 year old photographer who comes from China, and he’s been sharing his family’s fitness gains with his Instagram followers. This whole journey started when Jesse’s wife got pregnant and his Mom decided to move in with the young couple to help out. It wasn’t long until Jesse’s father followed his mother, and soon the whole family was happily living together and getting ready for the new arrival.

It soon became clear to Jesse that his father had picked up some very bad fitness habits while he was living alone. His fitness regime wasn’t the best and his belly was evidence of all of the beer he drank. Jesse took a look at his father, himself, and the rest of his family and decided that it was time to make some changes around here! He approached his family with his idea and before he knew it they were all aboard the fitness train.

Jesse knew they had to start small so the family started by taking some walks together before gradually upgrading to family jogging sessions. They planned to make this challenge last from March until September and they were off to a flying start. From this point, the only way was up!


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