Catherine Zeta-Jones, 47 Reveals What She Looks Like With No Make Up

Catherine Zeta-Jones, 47 Reveals What She Looks Like With No Make Up

Most of us, myself included, have a flawless image of what celebrities are like in our heads.

Celebrities are glamorous 24-7, and they’re always dressed in their best with not a single hair out of place.

This unrealistic expectation often helps to remind us that celebrities are ‘different’ from us. They’re more experienced in the world.

Obviously, this isn’t true. If anything this train of thought helps us alienate ourselves from those elites of Hollywood.

But the truth is that celebrities are just like us, and they have horrible and hilarious wardrobe malfunctions too!

But they have the added pressure of having to look flawless all day everyday.

If they’re ever caught looking a little worse for wear, they’re often ridiculed in the press and by the paparazzi.

It just goes to show you how cruel Hollywood and the life of a celebrity can be.

This constant pressure to look good can drive many celebrities (mainly women) to plastic surgery, botox, and fillers.

Their business (especially with actors) is to look good so they can keep getting the roles, so they can keep getting paid, so they can stay in the public eye longer.

It’s crazy how much work goes into being a celebrity and looking good.

You thought women spending a long time on their makeup was crazy, well this takes it to a whole new level!

But these days (thankfully), more and more celebrity women are showing that you don’t need to turn to plastic surgery to look good!

Don’t believe me? Then take a look at Catherine Zeta Jones’ latest set of make up free selfies!

Catherine Zeta Jones started her career in the early 80s and 90s in Britian, where she starred on the show, The Darling Buds of May.

The show aired from 1991 to 1993 and in that time, the UK fell in love with the Hollywood starlet. 

Her break in Hollywood came when she landed the role of the leading lady in The Mask Of Zorro in 1998.

Since the she’s gone on to star in a number of Hollywood blockbusters with a fabulous range of co-stars.

It wasn’t long before Catherine caught the attention of those in Hollywood, and her A-Lister career soon started!

Catherine was born in Swansea back in September of 1969. That’s right, she’s 47 years old, but you’d never believe it, would you?!

The star shared a picture to her Instagram this morning which has fans amazed at just how good she looks for her age.

She recently posted a flawless make up free selfie, and quite honestly, it reminded us all why we fell in love with her.

Sleeping in @casazetajones! #SelfieSaturday #CasaZetaJones

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The stunning 47 year old actress is the wife of Michael Douglas, the pair have been married for 17 years, and they have two children together, Carys Zeta Douglas (who is 14 years old), and Dlyan Douglas (17 years old).

The Hollywood stunner has revealed in the past that she maintains her youthful appearance with face oils, regular exercise, mental wellness, and positivity to keep her looking and feeling great!

The starlet said:

I think happiness is the best tonic for keeping us youthful. Being happy with who you are inside radiates on the outside.”

Fabulous day with Tamara @ttpetals and Gorgio Thank you Love you guys #nyceprix #drivethefuture

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She said in a recent interview:

“I’m finding, just from traveling from New York and being in heated hotel rooms, my skin feels like a Walker’s crisp at the moment,” she recently shared in a Q&A.

“But I’ve been using some argan oil just to saturate my skin at night, so it has some nourishment as I sleep, to start the day a little bit more hydrated. But the real hydration comes from within. You can never drink too much water. No diet sodas!”

Catherine also strongly believes that regular exercise is extremely important when it comes to looking good and maintaining a healthy mental state.

“I really feel it’s healthy for a body to sweat every day. I run on my treadmill or power walk outside,”

“Then I do some bodywork and arm work and a bit of tap dancing every now and then.”

Catherine also revealed that she uses argan oil to keep her skin hydrated and youthful looking, especially after those sweaty work out sessions!

Most people wondered if Catherine had any other help with her youthful look like plastic surgery, but she insists that’s not the case.

A vintage maxi dress. #CZJVintage

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She said:

“I’m not anti-plastic surgery at all. Contrary to public opinion, I have not been under the knife… yet, is what I say! If I feel like it, I’m going to go ahead and do it!” 

“If (surgery) makes you feel better, who am I to tell someone that it’s wrong.”

Despite her youthful look, Catherine has stepped forward and openly discussed issues with ageism in Hollywood.

Catherine said:

I have been in the business since I was nine years old, and have heard the same thing said throughout the different parts of my career. Then, hello, I’m in my 40s… and it’s true. It’s not that there aren’t great stories to be told about women in their 40s, it’s just that the big bosses in Hollywood feel that the demographic of moviegoers are less interested.”

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