This Breastfeeding Mom Had The Perfect Response When She Was Asked To Cover Herself Up

This Breastfeeding Mom Had The Perfect Response When She Was Asked To Cover Herself Up

It seems like breastfeeding is a hot topic and will always be a surefire way to start debate. But what are people so freakin’ squeamish about? A baby’s gotta eat, right? And any Mom will tell you that they don’t care what they’ve got to go through as long as their baby is healthy, happy and well fed. So why people always feel like they have to stick their big noses into other people’s breastfeeding business I will never know!

Well Avery Lane is a breastfeeding mother who has had enough of all of this stupidity surrounding breastfeeding. Recently, she posted to Facebook about her experiences with a man who tried to tell her that breastfeeding was not allowed. Let me tell you, this Mama takes no prisoners!

The story began when Avery was breastfeeding her two-month-old child at an H&R block when the male manager approached her and asked her to cover up. It’s shocking that this kind of thing still happens to breastfeeding mothers in this day and age, but just wait until you see Avery’s amazing response!

Avery was quick to comeback with one of the best responses we’ve ever heard! She wrote that “when the manager asked me “Can you cover up with a towel or something?” I was completely shocked so I raised my voice slightly and said “No but I have a muslin if you would like to cover your face. You must not know Georgia’s breastfeeding laws.”” And all of a sudden Avery is every breastfeeding mother’s hero!

But the story isn’t over yet! The manager asked Avery to leave the building as he helped her friend but Avery refused. Instead she opted to call the military police and have them explain to the ignorant manager that breastfeeding Mom’s are a-okay according to Georgia’s breastfeeding laws. What a woman, does anyone else want to be her best friend right now? Here’s the full copy of Avery’s post for everyone to enjoy.

After Avery posted about her experience on Facebook, the post went viral in record time with thousands of people rallying behind her. She also posted a video about the incident to Youtube and this video now has over 51,000 views! In the video she answered some questions from people wanting to know how she felt about what happened and how the post’s popularity had exploded.

When she was asked if she would like the manager responsible for the incident to be fired, Avery responded “No, I didn’t want anyone to be fired from their job, their source of income. If anything, I felt like it warranted him to be educated and he was educated when I called the MP so there’s no need for him to be fired because of that.” That is one seriously classy lady!

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