Boyfriend Surprises Girlfriend By Drawing Heartwarming Portraits In 10 Different Styles

Boyfriend Surprises Girlfriend By Drawing Heartwarming Portraits In 10 Different Styles

What’s the most romantic present you’ve ever received? If I ask that to thousands of people, I’ll bet that more than a few of them will reply by telling us about some sort of handmade, extremely thoughtful gift that took their partners a lot of time and effort to make. There’s something about handmade gifts that makes them extra special and we can’t help but love them!

Recently, Kellen Hickey, a sketch artist from Minnesota has really upped his thoughtful gift giving game. He surprised his girlfriend by drawing their portrait not once, not twice but TEN times in different cartoon styles! This cartoon makeover shows the couple in simple poses but drawn in the style of some of the couple’s favourite TV shows, ain’t that the sweetest? Here’s a shot of Kellen and his partner, Linds, when they’re not looking so animated.

Kellen told Bored Panda that this thoughtful project was inspired by the couple’s growing love for cartoons. He commented, “We tend to spend the little amount of time together in the evenings making a nice dinner and watching some of our shows/cartoons. I’ve always had a huge interest in cartoons/anime and as we’ve been dating, she’s developing an interest of her own.” Anyone else jealous of how perfect this gift is?

Kellen told Bored Panda about how he gave Linds her lovely gift, “I had mentioned to her that I had been working on a gift for her about a month or so before the holidays. On Christmas Eve, when we both got off work, we exchanged gifts. She was excited and wanted to go first, of course, I obliged. She ripped the tissue paper off, grabbed the drawings and ignored the other gifts for about 30 minutes.” Here’s a shot of the first set of portraits that took Linds’ breath away!

Kellen continued, “Linds had been thanking me over and over as she was looking through them. When she finished her eyes looked pretty puffy, she jumped on me and gave me a huge hug and kiss, looked me in the eyes and said, ‘I love you to the moon and back.’ It was perfect, her reaction nearly made me cry.” Honestly, this whole thing is so sweet it’s almost making me cry and I wasn’t even there!

Kellen chose cartoons that are favourites of both Linds and himself and took inspiration from there. He went on, “A few were styles I thought looked nice and had always wanted to try and interpret (Rubberhose, Modern Disney). And then there was one that I drew just because of my love for it (Dragon Ball Z).” Well, how could you complain about being turned into every single one of your favourite cartoons ever?

Kellen has shared close ups of all of the portraits on his Instagram account for the world to enjoy, so let’s take a look at these wonderful illustrations in detail!

Adventure Time

They look like the kind of Adventure Time characters that are really normal on the surface but totally weird underneath!

General Modern Disney Style

Kellen turned Linds into a Disney princess, does anyone doubt why she loves him so much? No? Me either.


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