This ‘Blood Witch’ Smears Her Own Menstrual Blood On Her Face To ‘Normalize’ Periods

This ‘Blood Witch’ Smears Her Own Menstrual Blood On Her Face To ‘Normalize’ Periods

Almost every woman has a period, and while each woman’s periods differ slightly, we all find common ground over some of the things involved with that lovely time of the month.

Periods are horrible.

They are essentially biological ninjas that can surprise you at any minute, and they can make the next couple of days a living hell.

They ruin our favorite knickers and make us go crazy for days on end, as we feel like our ovaries are being torn apart.

Not only that but we have to pay a ridiculous amount of money for tampons and pads.

It’s ridiculous!

Most people go through terrible cramps, emotions, and hormones that are all over the place, and the constant fear of bleeding through.

But despite half of the world suffering from the many joys of periods, there is still a lot of stigma and shame around periods.

How ridiculous is that?

Periods are perfectly natural, and it’s nothing to shame or being embraced by.

There are a few people out there who are battling the stigma with periods, with free bleeding, and ditching pads for the ‘Diva Cup’.

But one woman is taking a very different approach to battling the stigma around periods.

Yazmina Jade, 26, is a self-proclaimed ‘blood witch’, and she’s vowed to break down the stigma surrounding periods.

But how is she going to battle this tricky subject?

Simple! She’s giving herself a facial using her menstruation blood!

Yazmina is a former hairdresser, now blood witch, and this week she’s collected the blood from her period, and has used it to paint her face in a ‘sacred ritual.’

The feminine healer is based on the Gold Coast, and she recently released footage of her ceremony on a quest to prove a woman’s menstrual cycle is nothing to be ashamed of!


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