Big Husky and Small Baby Make The Cutest Friends

Big Husky and Small Baby Make The Cutest Friends

‘Dogs really are man’s best friend’ is a saying as old as time, but it is still absolutely true. Not only do they help us out when we’re in danger, and keep us fit and active, they also provide us with some heartwarming, life-affirming moments.

This was demonstrated perfectly in this video that’s going viral for all the right reasons. It features a small baby, who can’t be any more than a few months old, and the family pet, a big ol’ husky with brown and white fur and gorgeous blue eyes.

Although the husky is a big dog, and has quite a striking look, how he interacts with the baby proves that he really is just a big teddy bear. It’s often the case with big dogs!

The baby, who is crawling along the floor, sneaks up on the husky – he is a little apprehensive at first. And when you think about it, that’s understandable – the husky is probably about 10 times the size of him!

However, the two are soon cuddling together on the floor, after the husky rolls over – he is happy that it’s playtime!

It’s hard to understate just how much having a well-behaved dog can improve our lives. For one thing, stroking your dog lowers your stress levels, and releases seratonin and dopamine, otherwise known as the ‘feel-good chemicals’ in your brain.

As if that weren’t enough, dogs require walking every day, which gets us out of the house when maybe we otherwise wouldn’t. This is great for our heart, for our state of mind, and all other aspects of our health. Being around green spaces, such as parks, improves our health in so many different ways.

They also make great guardians for the family – imagine how protective this husky must be of his little friend here! Here’s the video in full:

The baby is delighted with his furry friend, and the husky clearly feels the same way, given that he playfully paws at the baby and licks him with affection.

The camera operator, who is presumably the baby’s father, can’t stop laughing the whole time, and I can see why – it makes for a funny picture.

It is genuinely heartwarming to see this gentle giant play with this helpless little baby. They’re clearly the best of friends.

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