This Is The Average Number Of Sexual Partners A Person Has During Their Life

This Is The Average Number Of Sexual Partners A Person Has During Their Life

So… how many people have you slept with? Sorry, was that too much of a blunt question?

That was the question on the lips of a recent survey that looked into the different attitudes behind how promiscuous people are all over the world.

It also looked into the average number of sexual partners men have had compared to women, and also the amount that they SAID they’d had!

Now most of us have been around the block a few times, and we’re all adults here, unless a few kids have snuck in the back or something. So we can say that most of us enjoy a good tumble between the sheets.

But is there a certain number partners, where if somebody said they had slept with that many people, you would think less of them? Maybe you would think that, even if you’ve never realized it and you don’t exactly have a number like that in mind!

Turns out it that this survey made for some pretty interesting reading! It also looked into how many people you’ve slept with is considered ‘too many’ in countries all over the world.

Interestingly, it depends on what country you come from as well as your age and gender as to what people’s attitudes were!

So the basic question this recent study set out to answer was the average number of sexual partners a person has in their lifetime.

To find it out, a survey was conducted with more than two thousand participants in the United States and Europe to reveal how many sexual partners they have had in their lifetime.

According to this survey conducted by the pharmacy chain Superdrug it’s women who have on average had more sexual partners than men

The average man surveyed had slept with six people while women average around seven.

The survey also revealed that men consider women who have had more than 14 sexual partners as ‘too promiscuous.’

Whereas, women tend to be a little more open-minded when it comes to the number of partners they find acceptable. The average woman considers a man who has had 15 partners or more as ‘too many’.

However, it turned out that both sexes agreed that seven was the ideal number of sexual partners that one should have in their lifetime.

But the study also showed that this number varies according to geography. Dutch people say that the ideal number of partners is six whereas people in France say that it’s as high as 10!

A color coordinated map was used to plot out clearly where the highest number of average sexual partners was versus the lowest number. As you can see, residents of the UK ‘got about’ the most, as their country was on the high end of the spectrum, whereas Italy was on the lower end at 5.4.

Would you say that it’s surprising that three out of ten people said that it is very likely that a high number of sexual partners would be a deal-breaker in a relationship?

Most all of us have sex and enjoy it, but we don’t like it when our partner has been with a large amount of sexual partners before us? Interesting, right?

But it turns out that most people lie about their ‘numbers’ anyway!

Almost 18 per cent of men tends to exaggerate the number of people that they have slept with, compared with only 8 per cent of women.

But on the other hand, nearly 19 per cent of women tend to downplay that number, compared to almost 14 per cent of men!

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