These Amazing Photos Reveal Just How Powerful And Deadly Hurricane Irma Is

These Amazing Photos Reveal Just How Powerful And Deadly Hurricane Irma Is

It must be one of the worst hurricane seasons in living memory. Over the past few weeks, we have already seen Hurricane Harvey cause widespread devastation. Hurricane Irma followed, and was larger, stronger and even more deadly.

Although it was downgraded to a tropical storm by the time it reached the mainland of the United States, that didn’t stop Irma from carving a path of destruction through many other countries.

Ten people have been confirmed as being killed by Irma in Cuba, whilst 95% of Saint-Martin, Barbuda, and the British Virgin Islands have been reported as being destroyed.

It’s a horrible situation, with millions of people left stranded, homeless or both, and with no access to water, electricity or phone services.

It just goes to show the terrible raw power of nature, as you can see from these amazing photos.

1. Paraquita Bay in the British Virgin Islands, before and after storm damage

Look at that tangled mass of boats and wreckage! It’s incredible what a terrible amount of devastation some natural event like a hurricane can cause.

2. The Dolphin Discovery tourist attraction on the British Virgin Islands was pretty much destroyed by Irma

It looks totally unrecognisable now. I wonder what happened to all of the dolphins.

3. A popular bar in the British Virgin Islands, before and after damage from the storm

Could you even have said with any certainty that this was the same place in both pictures? How terrible.

4. The popular tourist attraction the Honky Tonk Bar, in Philipsburg on the island of St Martin

Here is the bar both before and after the hurricane went through. As you can see, the Honky Tonk took extensive damage from the storm.

5. Beach Plaza Hotel in Saint Martin looked spectacular before the hurricane came through

Now like the rest of the island, it will need a lot of cleaning up before it can return to normal.

6. We have all seen over the past few weeks just how devastating flooding can be in hurricane season

This was the scene in Saint Martin, with the water deep enough to completely submerge cars in places.

7. The amount of damage caused here is just breathtaking

How do you even start going about cleaning up something like this?

8. Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello declared a state of emergency ahead of Hurricane Irma’s arrival

This lady looks desperately at empty shelves where bottles of water would usually be, in the Puerto Rican capital of San Juan.

9. This photo was taken in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma on Saint Martin

The ocean still looks incredibly ferocious and dangerous even after the hurricane was gone, no wonder it caused so much damage.

10. Luxury yachts like these were sunk and destroyed up and down the coast of Saint Martin

It just goes to show how large and powerful the waves were that Hurricane Irma caused.

11. Along the coast of Saint Martin, roofs were blown clean off houses

They landed in the streets, which made the whole scene look as if the houses has just vanished from underneath them.

12. This was a common sight all over Puerto Rico when Irma had gone through

It wasn’t just people’s homes that were wrecked, all kinds of property was ruined by the hurricane as it made its destructive path across the ocean.

13. The ground floor of this property was left totally filled with sand

I can’t even imagine what it’s like to return home after such an event to find that this is what had become of my home. It must be heartbreaking for everybody.

14. In Marigot, on the island of Saint Martin, cars were tossed on top of each other by the hurricane as if they were toys

It’s a sad sight to see, and shows the immense power of the hurricane as it made it’s way through the Caribbean towards the United States.

15. What an amazing picture!

This aerial photo shows the damage caused to the airport, you can even see what look to be a couple of wrecked airplanes on the runway.

16. Rescue teams had to make sure nobody was trapped in abandoned cars like this while the hurricane came through

You wouldn’t stand a chance if you were trapped, so these rescuers played an important role in saving so many lives.

17. Neighborhood dogs shelter from the rain in the Dominican Republic as Hurricane Irma draws near

Poor pups, I hope they found a safe and dry place.

18. These broken palm trees are on the beach of the Hotel Mercure in Marigot, on the island of Saint Martin

I’m sure the trees will be fine in a few months, even if the beach is a scene of complete devastation in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

19. This hotel on a normal day looks like paradise, but Irma almost totally destroyed it

What a scene of devastation, you can’t even tell where the ocean ends and the land begins any more.

20. It wasn’t just high winds and flood water that caused damage on the island of Saint Martin

As you can see, fires were also started by the destructive hurricane winds, spreading smoke through the ruins.

21. This person posted a picture online of them evacuating their chickens!

I guess they took whatever was most important and valuable to them!

We hope your loved ones are doing well, if you know somebody who has been affected by Hurricane Irma.