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To some of us, punishing ourselves with an hour in the gym after a long day at work is the last thing on our minds. But some people live for that sort of thing, and will do anything to fit in a workout.

Most of us will probably admit we need to exercise more, so whether you’re training for a marathon or just trying to keep your heart healthy, you need to know what’s good for you and what isn’t.

There’s a lot of myths surrounding diet and exercise these days, and it’s tough to know who to believe sometimes!

But really it’s pretty simple, so if you just follow our useful tips and advice, you can’t go far wrong!

Here are 9 easy ways to live a healthier life and getting yourself a manageable gym routine!

9. A low-calorie diet

Sure, low-calorie diets are generally healthy. In particular, they can slow the speed at which your heart ages, and prevent cardiovascular disease later in life. But the downside is that they contain only small amounts of fat, and during a workout your body needs a healthy dose of carbohydrates, protein… and yes, fat.

To get the necessary fats to fuel your body, include healthy fats from foods like salmon and avocado in your diet.

8. Eating more

Regular exercise is no reason to overeat between workouts! In order to keep to a healthy weight, or to decrease it if that’s your workout goal, you should not only exercise but also eat well.

Remember that the average hour-long gym session only burns an average of 500 kcal, so try to keep away from empty calories. Just because you work out doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want!

7. Working out on an empty or full stomach

Working out when you have either an empty or a full stomach is always a bad idea. You’ll always either feel too weak and breathless or too lethargic to exercise properly, and you may not be able to finish exercising because of fatigue and feeling unwell.

So the best solution is to eat a healthy meal around 2 hours before hitting the gym. Your chances of a successful and productive workout will then be much greater.

6. Long cardio focused workouts

Many people believe that cardio exercise is useful for the heart, and of course this is true up to a point. But you also need to know your limits!

A super long cardio session can have a negative effect on your heart and lungs in the long term. So give up on cardio completely, but try not to overdo it either. Limit yourself to a half hour cardio workout, rather than spending a full hour on it.

5. Sports drinks containing electrolytes

Drinks with added electrolytes can do more harm than good to your body, especially if they are consumed during or after an intense workout session.

Why? Well, the reason is that in addition to those good minerals the bottles boast about, they also contain a large amount of sugar. So try sticking to good old fashioned water during your gym sessions.

4. Not drinking at all during a workout

As we’ve already seen, if you’re cutting electrolyte drinks out of your routine, replace it it water. Those folks who don’t drink at all during their gym sessions are actively losing fluids from their body during exercise. You need to replace those fluids, rather than torturing your body by completely depriving it of water, which is not good for you.


3. Not cooling down after exercise

Most people do a short and simple warm-up before exercise to prevent pulled muscles and so on. But don’t forget to stretch after an intense workout, it’s one of the most important parts of your routine!

This will help to reduce the pain in your muscles which can make the day after a gym visit uncomfortable! But you’ll feel much better if you stretch after your workout.

2. A sauna or hot bath after a workout

After an intensive workout, many people have heard that you should immediately go to the sauna or take a bath. We’re here to tell you that you shouldn’t be doing that!

During training, a lot of fluids are lost, and your blood pressure rises. So if you go to a hot sauna straight afterward, this can result in feeling unwell or even fainting. Instead, drink water and take a shower, then if you want to hit the sauna after that .

1. Daily workouts

We all know that regular workouts and proper nutrition are the key ways to a healthy body. But REGULAR exercise does not mean DAILY exercise.

If you work out too often, you’ll constantly feel tired. Your body also increases the levels of the hormone cortisol in your bloodstream, which may actually lead to excess weight. To avoid this, take breaks between training sessions, get enough sleep, and eat well. So if you work out every day, consider cutting back to every other day!

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