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It goes without saying that they’ll always be differences in the world.

Whether it’s a difference in people and their personality, or a difference in where they came from and their cultural traditions.

They’ll always be something different one way or another, and it’s a rather beautiful thing when you think about it.

The world is filled with weird and wonderful things from different countries.

Obviously, every country has it’s differences and it’s own culture.

Take America for example. Tipping is kinda mandatory in America, whereas in the UK, it’s not.

People also drive on the other side of the road in Europe.

While they don’t seem like very big differences, if you ever travel to Europe, it may come to you as a bit of a culture shock.

But sometimes, these culture differences can seem huge!

The best examples of this is the differences between America and Japan, or America and China.

While going on holiday to either of these places is amazing, it can be quite a shock to they system when you realise how much of a difference there is.

Japan truly is a beautiful place, with some incredible people and some wonderful traditions.

They have very strong beliefs in certain areas of life that others wouldn’t necessarily share.

To them, education, family, and tradition are of the up most importance.

The one area you wouldn’t expect much of a change in culture is schools.

Schools in China or Japan can’t be much different, right?

Wrong. They’re very different!

Japanese schools are very different from American schools.

Some of the rule enforced in Japan wouldn’t fly in American schools.

Students would go on strike!

It’s pretty crazy, but as I said, it’s just a difference in culture.

Here are a few of the weird and crazy school rules in Japan that would drive American students mad!


You’re not allowed to wear any form of hairstyle at school.

It’s believed that other students will get easily distracted by any form of styled hair.

Boys are meant to have a simple hair cut with no styling or layering.

Girls are allowed to options when it comes to their hair however.

They can have their hair long or tie it up if they want to. But again, styling it is not allowed in any way.


Students are banned from looking nice at school. 

That means no make up or fancy accessories.

Children in Japanese schools are expected to focus on their education and nothing else. It’s a highly praised thing in Japan, and for good reason too.


Your child’s grades are believed to be a reflection on their family, but also a reflection on how they’ll do in life.

Girls are not allowed to wear makeup, paint their nails, or even shave their legs!


Your not allowed to date while your at school.

This is a tough rule, especially if you have a major crush on someone in your class.

If you were at a school in Japan, you would never be able to act on your feelings, because relationships are strictly banned in Japanese schools.

According to teachers, Japanese students are too young to think about that topic and they should focus on their studies.


There are no substitute teachers at school.

If a teacher is absent or sick, then the class simply works on their own. 

They’re not given another teacher. Instead they’re trusted to work by themselves. Japanese students have great discipline, which means they can study without a teacher if needed.

Could you imagine this in a English or American school? It would be downright impossible! 


Greetings are a must in all situations.

In the morning, it is necessary for every student to greet the teacher in their class.

For some schools, it’s even a strict tradition to start the day off with some meditation.

Some schools do this so the students have some positive energy in them so they can start their long day right!


You’re forbidden from being late to class.

It is strictly against school rules to come to school late unless there is an emergency situation.

While this is true for many schools, it is worth noting that Japanese students are extremely punctual.

Also, most Japanese students will stay late after school for extra classes or after school activities.


Uniforms are mandatory.

All students are expected to wear a uniform in Japan, and it must be pristine, as the students are representing said school.

Boys are required to wear black suits, while girls are required to wear plaid skirts.


They only have one break in the middle of term.

Their only break is a 5-week summer break, which is usually placed in the middle of the term.


You’re banned from bringing food from home.

In Japan, it’s the school’s duty to provide food for all it’s students.

That way any student from a poor background doesn’t have to miss a meal.

But it also means the students have enough energy to continue the school day.

Each student has the choice of a bowl of rice, fish, or soup.

But, students are often punished if they don’t finish every bite of their food.

It’s viewed as wasteful.

What do you think about these strict school rules?

Let me know what you think in the comments, as always, I love hearing what you think!

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