8 Telltale Signs That Your New Man is Falling in Love With You

8 Telltale Signs That Your New Man is Falling in Love With You

Even though I’ve been married for decades now, I still remember that falling in love, especially in the early stages of a relationship, is the greatest feeling in the world. But ladies, how do you know whether the guy you’re falling for is as emotionally invested as you are? Well, these 8 telltale sings are a dead giveaway:

1. He actively listens to you, and hears what you’re saying

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It’s a cliche that men don’t listen properly, but sometimes it can feel like it’s true. However, if your man is listening to you intently, and is genuinely engaged in what you’re saying, it’s a sign that he is invested in the relationship. If you tell him a story about your day at work, maybe about something that wasn’t that interesting but you felt like you needed to tell him, and he repeats a detail back to you later on, you can tell that he really was listening. This means that he truly cares about you. So show him that you appreciate that!

2. He’s ready to fix anything he can, or call a professional

Men love to fix things for their women. Maybe it’s a little old-fashioned, but it definitely taps in to their primal need to protect their loved ones. If your man offers to fix things for you, this is a great sign that your relationship is on the right track.

3. He wants to meet your family

The whole concept of ‘meeting the parents’ can seem very daunting to pop in a casual relationship, but if your man seems relaxed about the prospect of meeting your mom and dad, or even if he just asks about your family and how they are doing, there’s a very good chance that he sees a long-term future in the relationship.

4. He values your opinion of his clothes

This may sound trivial, but if a guy is willing to let you influence what he wears (and let’s face it, we all like to do that), it probably means that he values and respects your opinion, and is also willing to give a little ground in the relationship where needed.

5. He wants to do everyday things with you

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Forget candlelit dinners and rose petals leading to the bedroom: sometimes the most romantic experiences we can have with new partners are everyday things like a trip to the grocery store. In this plain, sober setting, you may find out a lot more about each other than you would in a bar or a club.

6. He cooks for you

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Although cooking is a part of everyday life for almost everyone, cooking for someone you love is actually a very intimate experience, especially in the early days of a relationship. If he’s going out of his way to offer to cook for you, you should take that as a good sign.

7. He takes initiate to plan trips and doesn’t forget the dates

If he’s counting down the days to a vacation that the two of you have planned, it means that he’s excited about spending heaps of time with you, which is obviously a great sign. And if he whisks you off your feet for an unexpected trip – even better!

8. He isn’t afraid of getting emotional and being close to you

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Men aren’t always the best at expressing their feelings, but if they’re even trying to communicate on that level with you, it means that they care about you deeply, and see a long-term future in the relationship. It means that they’re letting you into their circle of trust, which can often be very small.