8 Men Reveal What They’re Looking For In A Future Wife

8 Men Reveal What They’re Looking For In A Future Wife

I think that everyone, deep down, is just looking for someone to love. Someone you want to spend all of your time with, that person you want to tell first when something amazing happens to you, someone who you can fall asleep at night holding, that’s the dream! These men took to Reddit to confess what they’re looking for in that special someone that they want to spend the rest of their life with.

1. This man just wants someone to laugh with.

“And a sense of humor doesn’t mean she laughs at funny things. It means she says funny things or does funny things. It means she makes YOU laugh. And that she does it regularly. If you have to think “when was the last time she made me laugh…a few weeks ago?” then she doesn’t have a sense of humor.”

I think he’s right on this one, finding someone who can make you laugh is very important. You can’t spend your whole life with someone who can’t make you smile!

2. Whereas this man has a much more serious goal in mind. Always be prepared!

“Wife material is easy to recognize; just ask yourself if you’d want that girl back to back with you to fight off sharks.”

Looks like we’d better start our under-water shark defence classes, everybody!

3. This person is looking for someone who makes life better together, than apart.

“Someone who makes me better than I am”

When you find someone who brings out the best in you, you know you’ve found the right person for you. Good relationships make you both into better people.

4. For this guy, it’s all about attraction.

“She’s got to be attractive to me, otherwise I don’t think I’d be interested in getting to know her to begin with. But “being attractive” isn’t just about looks. Unfortunately, I can’t get around “good first impressions. That being said, she’d need to have some sort of hobbies and interests. Literally anything that isn’t “watching TV.” I don’t care if she drags me to a freakin’ museum with weird crap, as long as she’s into something.”

Being really into a hobby is so attractive, I mean have you ever watched someone you love do something they are really passionate about? Talk about a turn on!

5. This reddit user wants to be challenged.

“I want someone that I can argue with (and who will argue with me), without it turning into a fight. Someone that can call me on my BS when it matters, who isn’t going to flip out if I call her on hers. I’d much rather be with someone who will challenge me and make me rethink things than someone who is trying too hard to be nice and sweet all the time. (Then again, I may just have a thing for hot tempered girls.)”

This is a matter of taste, some people hate arguments, some people can’t live without them. It’s all about finding that match.

6. This man doesn’t want to take things too seriously.

“The biggest thing that set my wife apart from every other girl I dated was just our ability to not take things so seriously. I don’t mean not taking our relationship seriously. Of course, we’re committed to each other and our relationship, however we really don’t get overly serious about our day to day interactions.”

This one is huge for me, because who wants to be with someone who’s deadly serious about everything? No thanks, I’d rather have a good laugh with my partner!

7. For this guy, being your own person is very important… and so is rocking out.

“She loves what she does, she cares about herself as much as she cares about me and she smiles a lot 🙂 Bonus: she likes the same music as me.”

Seriously, if you’re not into David Bowie then I’m not into you.

8. Deep down, we all just want to be with a good person.

“How they treat others, especially when there is nothing to gain. Looks will fade over time, but things like kindness and respect for each other should always be there.”

It’s all about the love, people and not just in a relationship. Show the love to everyone around you and you’ll find your true love in no time, it’s that simple!

What do you think about what these men are looking for in a partner? Do you also have a list of things you’re looking for in a future spouse? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends!