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I don’t about you but I love online shopping.

It’s a guilty pleasure of mine, something I know I shouldn’t do all the time but it’s still nice to do it every once in a while.

You probably know how buying stuff online is so simple these days. Just a couple of clicks and voila! You’re the proud owner of some random stuff.

Getting your hands on your latest purchase is easier than before!

But when it comes to the delivery section, I honestly never know what I should put!

Do I want to deliver it or would it be better if I picked it up?

If you have it delivered to you, all you have to do is sit and wait.

If you pick it up, you actually have to go to the store or the nearest pick up point and that’s just too much effort!

I mean, who has time for that? (Most of us, but let’s be honest, we just don’t want to.)

Well, after looking at these horrifying deliver fails you’ll double think if you’ll have your next online order delivered or picked up!

Take a look at this hilarious list of delivery fails, you won’t believe the things you’ll see!

That Poor Thing

I’ve never felt bad about spiders before, but after seeing this I kind of have a bit of sympathy for them…

Bent Book

Well that’s going to make bed time stories very awkward and slightly weird.

Nice One

You can tell this delivery guy really loves his job!

Cut In Half

Do they really have no respect? Your transporting someone else’s property!

Inside Bush

Well done delivery man! You did a cracking job with this!


Wow, that’s so well hidden! No one will ever find it there!

We’re Home!

Maybe he didn’t bother knocking, or maybe he didn’t knock hard enough? We’ll never know!

Take Care

Some delivery guys hate their job so much they take it out on innocent garden gnomes.

Your Package Has Arrived

I bet they weren’t expecting that!

Not Again!

Again?! Really?!

Missed Packages

Oh the irony of this photo! I love it.

Safe Delivery!

I hope that wasn’t fragile and that it’s not too broken!

Foot Print

Someone took their anger out on the package… That’s very rude of them!

It Doesn’t Fit!

I’m pretty sure that’s not what they had in mind…

Quick Thinking!

Why would you put a parcel in there? What if it rains?!

Look Up

I’m pretty sure that’s not where they wanted the package putting…

Cow Poop

Oh goodness, I wouldn’t want to open that letter!

Up Top

That’s very clever! I’m surprised it’s still up there!

A Perfect Fit

No one will ever notice that package!

Spot The Package!

No one will ever see it there!

A Little Jammed In

I’d hate to try and get that package out of there!

I’m Stuck

Well that was a stupid place to put it…

There’s A Bear There!

Why was there a bear at the door?!

Shredded Mail

I wonder how this happened?!

Blood Splatter

I really hope that’s red paint and not blood…

Broken Glass

I hope they weren’t planning on using them for a fancy dinner party…

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