50 Photos That Hilariously Sum Up Every American State

50 Photos That Hilariously Sum Up Every American State

Now before I start, let me just say that I haven’t even been to every single American state. There are a few that I would love to visit, though. Like Hawaii!

No offence Wyoming, but you just haven’t got the draw of those sandy beaches and blue skies. Plus, grass skirts, who in the heck could resist?

Anyway, what I guess I’m trying to say is that there are just stereotypes, they’re generalizations! I don’t really think that every single person from these states actually think or act like this.

I wouldn’t know what a typical sight in most states would be… but I do know what I THINK is a sight I would expect to see if I was visiting most of the states!

Also, it’s a freakin’ JOKE people! So before you send me any angry emails or sound off on Facebook about how Aunty Acid must hate South Dakota or whatever, just put your sense of humor in gear!

It’s just a bunch of stuff that everybody kinda thinks is true of these states. I don’t think that everybody in Kentucky looks like Colonel freakin’ Sanders any more than I think that the city of New York represents the entire state of New York.

Anyway, we all love to have a bit of a giggle at the expense of our neighbors, so it’s all meant in good fun!

So have we got ‘gators in Florida? Yup, check! Do people talk funny in Minnesota? I guess you’ll find out! Is it freezing freakin’ cold in Alaska… let’s face it folks, I think that one is kinda a given.

See, that’s the thing about stereotypes. There is a little truth contained in every single one! The first thing that everyone thinks about Alaska is snow, and the first thing they think about Texas is that everything is big.

Guess why that is? Because Alaska is snowy and Texas is huge, for goodness’ sakes!

So there’s definitely a little of each state in every one of these photos, even if they can be a little exaggerated and hilarious at times.

So join me on this little alphabetical road trip, from sea to shining sea, and we’ll see what everyone thinks of each other!


That’s Alabama for you, nothing if not… erm, diverse!


Welcome to Alaska, home of snow and people who are immune to the cold.


Wait, Arizona has forests???


Is that an Arkan-sawn off shotgun?


How are things on the west coast?


This is out of your jurisdiction!


Is that for real?


Dela-where’s the rest of your clothes, more like.


Ah, the famous Floridian snap-snap bunny!


It’s like freakin’ Mad Max out in Georgia!


Just a regular school bus ride on a volcanic island, of course.


Ah come on now that’s harsh!


Yeah, if there’s one thing you can say about Illinoisans, it’s that they love… jeeps.


On the Indianan interstate, this is a common sight!


That bike sure is hard to steer.


We’re not in Kansas anymore!


Chicken good, spelling bad.


Well, that’s one reason to visit!


That’s why you get New England clam chowder, thanks to this guy!


And… erm… also these guys.


If there’s one thing this state does well, it’s crazy weather!


If you can walk through the Michigan snow, then it hasn’t REALLY snowed in Michigan.


So, that’ll be a one way ticket to Minnesota then, fellers?


Mississippi: spelling bad, BBQ good!


It’s gotta happen somewhere I guess.


Welcome to Montana, where you can watch your dog run away for three days.


Now what’s that thing Nebraska is famous for… no, no, don’t tell me! I’ll get it on my own!


Dammit! Back to Maine then!

New Hampshire

So yeah, there’s this.

New Jersey

New Jersey: douchebag capital of America. Just kidding folks, you know I love you.

New Mexico

In New Mexico, you’re just lucky that it’s not a UFO.

New York

Time Square, what a place! What a… weird, weird place.

North Carolina

Stay in Shcool, kids!

North Dakota

I take it the gun laws in North Dakota are pretty relaxed, then?


They’re spelling out ‘OHIO’… with their dead friend… as the ‘I’…


Fred Flintstone lives in Oklahoma, apparently.


Honey, the dog’s acting weird again…


So the Amish can use rollerblades. Huh.

Rhode Island

See what you’re missing, Nevada?

South Carolina

Fair point, sir!

South Dakota

That’s one heck of a Prairie Dog.


Tenneseein’ is Tenne-believin’.


Everything is bigger and more cow-y in Texas.


Say what you want about guys from Utah, but they’re always faithful to their wives!


That’s one elk of a pool party.


Some folks in Virginia think the Civil War is still going on, bless ’em.


That’s broccoli… right?

West Virginia

Take me home, country roads… or just away from this guy would be great.


When folks from Wisconsin say they have an all terrain vehicle… they really mean ALL terrain!


Wandering through Wyoming.

What did you think of the pictures? Do you think these some up the states like they were meant to?

Maybe you think there is a picture that sums up your state way better than any of these? Well, we would love to see it! Let us know in a COMMENT, or even let us see the picture you’re thinking of! Don’t forget to SHARE this article to annoy your neighbors from other states!