4 Insane Urban Legends That Actually Turned Out To Be True (No, REALLY)

4 Insane Urban Legends That Actually Turned Out To Be True (No, REALLY)

The Legend: A kid gave his friend an “atomic wedgie”  that was so intense, it ended up killing him.

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One of the main way Parents deter their children from carrying out dangerous or “bad” behavior is by telling them terrifying stories about kids who acted in the same way or did the same dangerous things which eventually resulted in death.

This is especially true in regards to a story which was based on “wedgies” (and if you didn’t get them, you were probably the one giving them), and how one wedgie became the ultimately tragic tale of fatal fooling around (in other words this particular wedgie was so powerful it snapped this kids neck and he died… so… yeah…)

The Reality

Other than the legend originally being about a child, the rest of the story is actually, pretty much 100% true. One day, 58-year-old Denver Lee St. Clair and his 34-year-old stepson, Brad Lee Davis somehow got into an argument while being fueled by alcohol, Davis thought it’d be a great idea to give St. Clair a, you guessed it, atomic wedgie. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, a lot can go wrong, apparently. The waistband of his underwear was so tight around St. Clair’s neck that it eventually strangled him to death. Whew-wee!
Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Office

During an investigation into the incident, Davis revealed that he and his stepfather didn’t always have the greatest relationship and the accidental strangling was probably some sort of revenge from the universe as he was bullied by St. Clair during his life. Eventually, David pleaded guilty manslaughter and was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

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The Legend: A teenage girl receives creepy calls which turned out to be coming from inside the house.

So you know that movie When a Stranger Calls? Yeah, I know you do, because the story is pretty terrifying and probably stayed with me as much as it stayed with you. If you actually haven’t seen it though, basically a teen is babysitting for a new family and she starts to receive what she assumes are “prank” calls from someone she doesn’t know.

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After some more investigation, however, police tell her that the calls are actually coming from within the very house she’s in at that moment, and she discovers that someone’s been watching all along.

She asks the police to investigate and it turns out the calls she’s recieving are actually coming from… wait for it… inside the house she’s babysitting in. Um, WHAT?

The Reality

Well I’m sorry to ruin your life folks, but this ACTUALLY DID HAPPEN. It happened to a 16-year-old British girl in 2014, but instead of calls it was texts, and she knew who they were from; Kyle Ravenscroft – a local 18-year-old boy who was known to be somewhat of a stalker.

Kyle claimed to be watching her as she moved around her own home and sadistically said he would hang himself outside her window for her to find when she woke up the next morning.As you probably would in that situation, the girl assumed it was a prank and ignored it. Just to be safe, however, she slept in her Mom’s room that night… and when she returned to her room the next morning she knew something was off. She found shoeboxes near her bed that looks like they had been moved.

Then she made the ultimate horror-movie error and looked underneath her bed. What does she find there? Why, Kyle Ravenscrofct of course, staring right back at her. I KNOW! Ravenscroft was later sentenced to 12 weeks in jail, a supervised suspension for two years and obviously, a nice little restraining order to boot.family matters what GIF

The Legend: The oven turns on while someone’s cleaning it, and they end up being trapped inside.

Ah yes, another cautionary tale to help Parents keep their children away from the dangers of an oven.

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The version you’ve probably heard most goes a little something like this; someone once climbed into an oven to fix/clean it, only for the door to somehow slam itself shut causing the oven to turn itself on… subsequently burning the person inside alive.

A magical story, am I right?

The Reality

Yep, you guessed it, this did actually happen to some poor unfortunate soul (kind of). In the real story, the oven doesn’t magically turn itself on.  What happened was, there was an industrial oven inside a British kayak factory, (Yeah, I know, kayak factory???) and it allegedly wasn’t working properly.


That’s when Alan Catterall, the factory supervisor, decided to crawl inside in order to find out what was wrong – and he didn’t telling anyone else he was doing it. Big mistake. Soon after another worker named Mark Francis (who was actually engaged to Catterall’s daughter at the time) came along and er, turned it back on.

Turns out there was nothing wrong with the oven’s saftey mechanisms at least, because the doors slammed shut and locked once the oven was switched on and tragically trapped Catterall inside…. oh, and did I mention that it can reach temperatures of up to 536 degrees Farenheit? Yeah.


Even more tragically, Catterall actually tried to pry open the door with a crowbar but passed out before having any success. And because of how noisy it was inside the factory itself, nobody could here his cries for help and he was discovered far too late. The only reason he was found was because some workers noticed the oven making more smoke than usual.

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The Legend—A woman suffers from a variety of terrible headaches, and discovers she has a brain-eating parasite.

If you regulary suffer from headaches, I’d stop reading immediatley… or not, whatever.

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Like most urban legends, there are many variations of this tale, but I think we can all agree that one of the most well-known versions involves a couple who came back from vacation with an extra guest – a parasite intent on making a brand new home inside their brains.

The Reality

Sadly, there is some truth to a few of the terryfying, brain-dwelling bug related stories, such as the one in which a woman returned home from vacation and discovered she had live maggots living in her ear canal… magical.


Oh you thought that was the worst of it? Not even close. A woman from Garland, Texas, all of a sudden started suffering from incredibly intense headaches and vision problems. She promptly visited her doctor who provided her with both good, and horrifically bad news.

The good news was, there was absolutely nothing wrong with her brain at all, hurray! The bad news was that her issues were down to multiple baby tapeworms who had decided to set up their new home inside of her skull… and honestly I think I would have preffered a tumor.

Her doctors believed that she may have picked up the parasites while vacationing in Mexico… which is pretty damn grim considering it’d been at least two years since she was last there. URRRRGHHHHH. 

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How’s everybody feeling then? Pretty horrified? Yeah, ME TOO. From now on I’m going to stick to thinking there’s no smok,e without fire… and chances are these “Urban Legends” all had to start somewhere! So, do you know any other tales that sound too horrific to be true but actually are? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to share this with all your friends and family too… I’m sure they’d love to be terrified too! AA x


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