38 Real Photos That Cannot Be Explained!

38 Real Photos That Cannot Be Explained!

With the internet being a huge part of our life in this day and age we have almost gone numb to how wild it is that we can access anything within seconds. Although, there are some things that need to be left unfound. Take for instance the pictures below. They all hold deep dark secrets and until now nobody can really explain what’s going on and most of them were taken way before Photoshop was invented. Take a look for yourself and tell us what you think.

1. Crazed knifed character.

This cabin in the woods, yeah that sounds creepy enough already, was being occupied by a family at the time and they were alone. So they thought. The couple in the image and the person taking the photo were the only people around to their knowledge. But you can see in the reflection through the glass that there is a man holding what looks like a knife.

2. A crime scene unexplained.

This photo was taken in an Amityville home in New York in 1976 by police officers investigating a crime scene. At the scene the officers seen nothing suspicious or untoward. When they developed the images, this white eyed boy was seen sat on the stairs. They did not see him on the night.

3. UFO Spotted in Nevada.

In March 1997, these lights were spotted in the sky from Nevada, Arizona and some areas on Mexico. The way in which the lights were lined up, and the circumference of the lights led many to be convinced that this was a genuine UFO spotting. Those close to the lights stated that there was no noice coming from them and the lights were perfectly lined up and spherical.