38 Real Photos That Cannot Be Explained!

38 Real Photos That Cannot Be Explained!

With the internet being a huge part of our life in this day and age we have almost gone numb to how wild it is that we can access anything within seconds. Although, there are some things that need to be left unfound. Take for instance the pictures below. They all hold deep dark secrets and until now nobody can really explain what’s going on and most of them were taken way before Photoshop was even invented. Therefore, there’s a good chance some of these photographs are absolutely real!

We all want to become familiar with the “unexplained” because we like to think that we know everything that there is to know about this life. However, when these are captured in such a way that we literally have no way of explaining what it is that we are looking at, then it becomes a mystery that plenty of people spend their lives trying to solve. Also, if they do, they know that they have an eager audience who is waiting for them to explain this crazy stuff all away so that we can all have some peace of mind. Otherwise, we are stuck wonder what the heck we are supposed to be doing with this information! I mean, if we can’t explain it, they what is it? This is why all of these photos fascinate us so much:

1. Bigfoot theorists look at this one.

In 2000, a woman sent this image to the Sheriff of her county. She claimed that this ape had stolen apples from her porch, not sure how she was expecting to get an ape prosecuted. But, the more pressing issue is that this creature in no way resembles an ape. Big foot theorists have jumped on this one, and renamed this creature a “Skunk Ape”

2. Crazed knifed character.

This cabin in the woods, yeah that sounds creepy enough already, was being occupied by a family at the time and they were all alone. Or, so they thought. The couple in the image and the person taking the photo were the only people around to their knowledge. But when you take a look at the sliding glass door, you can see that there is a man holding what looks like a knife! Can you imagine checking out these photos when you are all done with your cabin weekend and finding this? That would absolutely send chills up and down my spine!


3. The case of the extra hand.

Take a look at this one, its just four boys in a park having fun isn’t it? Take a closer look at the area which is circled, who’s hand is that? It blatantly doesn’t belong to any of the boys on the photo and the person who took this photo was unable to recall anybody else around at the time. In that case, we can explain it by saying that it was a ghost but I think that the hand looks too alive to be one because it’s the same color as a live person. . . Isn’t a ghost supposed to be fuzzy and see-through?

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