32 Horrified People Who Are Having A Worst Day Than You

32 Horrified People Who Are Having A Worst Day Than You

16. Stuck In A Hole

Why are they interviewing him? Shouldn’t they be helping him out of the hole?

17. Slipped Off

I’m sure that pizza looked amazing before it slipped off the tray!

18. Eat And Drive 

Generally speaking, doing anything other than driving is a bad idea, but this is still pretty funny!

19. A Good First Impression

Well, that’s a look your classmates will never forget!

20. Little Pricks

Seriously, what are the chances of this happening? It looks painful as hell too!

21. Wait And See

It’s only a matter of time till she notices it, or it bites her! But which one will it be?

22. Confidence Boost

Maybe not painting it would have been a bigger confidence boost?

23. Spilt Milk

Talk about heartbreak!

24. She Said No

This is why you should never ask your partner to marry you in public!

25. Move Out 

Move out, pour salt on the land and burn it down!

26. Yuck!

Just the sight of this is enough to give you goosebumps!

27. Paint Spill

Looks like someone just wasted an entire tin of paint!

28. A Sinking Ship

I hope he didn’t have to replace all those cars! That would be a very expensive mistake!

29. Don’t Eat Grandma

How do you know what Grandma tastes like? Cannibalism is never a good idea!

30. Swings And Roundabouts

Don’t drop the child!

31. Cracked A Few Eggs

Isn’t there an old saying about putting all your eggs in one basket?

32. Don’t Ask

Looks like someone had a bad day!

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