30+ Things That Couples In Long-Term Relationships Will Relate To

30+ Things That Couples In Long-Term Relationships Will Relate To

27. Sharing the bathroom and being totally okay with talking to each other while one of you is taking a shower and the other one is sitting on the toilet/brushing their teeth.

28. Warning your s.o. to “wait a few minutes” before entering the bathroom because you just pooped.

29. Eating each other’s leftovers.

30. Doing all the chores to turn them on.

31. Getting ready for bed before having sex because you’re all about efficiency. 

32. Closing the curtains in panic because your S.O. is running around naked in the house and you don’t really want to put a show on for the neighbors. (Or, IDK, maybe you do?!)

33. Telling each other a story by yelling it across the house/apartment because neither of you wants to leave the room you’re in.

34. Fighting over who adjusted the thermostat and also what the “right” temperature is at home to a) not freeze to death or b) not melt away.

35. Secretly hiding your significant other’s clothes you ruined after cleaning them wrong accidentally and hoping they don’t notice.

36. Not flushing the toilet they’re about to use because it’s a waste of water.

37. Smelling each other’s clothes to check if they need a wash.

38. And finally, doing a stupid dance in front of each other while you’re cooking/cleaning the house/getting ready in the bathroom because you know you’re each other’s best audience!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this silly list. A lot of these remind me on my hubby Walt.

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