30+ Things That Couples In Long-Term Relationships Will Relate To

30+ Things That Couples In Long-Term Relationships Will Relate To

15. Rearranging everything in the dishwasher after your S.O. loaded it because they did it “the wrong way.”

16. Secretly watching something on Netflix without your S.O. And then pretending to watch it for the first time when you get to watch it together.

17. Passive aggressively leaving your dirty dishes in the sink or on the kitchen counter when you’re mad at each other.

18. Fighting over where to put your “too dirty to put it back in the closet, but not dirty enough to wash”-clothes…and then moving the pile of clothes from your side of the bed to their side anyway.

19. Fighting over how to squeeze the tube of toothpaste.

20. Making up after a fight by having sex.

21. Falling asleep while watching a movie, but yelling “I’m still watching!” when your s.o. Is trying to turning it off.

22. Leaving the room on movie night to get something from the kitchen/or go for a pee break without pausing the film and then asking, “What did I miss?” after coming back.

23. Permanently fighting about WHERE to clip your nails. (“That’s gross, can you do it in the bathroom?!” “But I’m watching this show right now!”)

24. Getting annoyed by your s.o. leaving everything slightly open (drawers, doors, shower curtains) and ending up doing it by yourself EVERYtime.

25. Turning off the lights in a room that your babe just left in a SLIGHTLY passive-aggressive way.

26. Ordering something for your partner and lying about the price.


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